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Horoscope for the Week of September 6, 2021 - Venus in Scorpio

Lovely Venus enters sexy Scorpio this week and sets our passions on high speed. What will your intensity do for your love or other parts of your life? Let’s just see…

Serena williams






(Serena Williams has Venus in Scorpio)

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Aries may have only three things on their minds this week and that is love, love, love. Is the one that you adore the one forever? Time will tell. And if you are on the prowl for your soulmate, this is the time to set out and look. You have great animal magnetism and can attract anyone you want. The big question is – how to choose? Hmm.


Make your connections count now, Taurus. There are many compelling reasons why you need to be in the front of any negotiation. You are tremendously persuasive now and can compel others to do what you want them to do. But relationships are also a bit of give and take. How much do you want to give and how much do you need to take?

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Any task will be much easier for you to accomplish now, partly because you have many willing helpers to make any hard work much easier. So turn on your considerable charm, Gemini, and find ways to enlist others to work as a team. Your ability to accomplish will be astounding and may even find ways to make all of those helpers feel especially good too.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

This can be a very relaxing time for you, Cancer. Not only are you more relaxed and graceful, you can find many ways to make the world more beautiful and artful. Embrace the energies and find others who can join in the festivities. The week can also bring an extra dose of romance with overall fun. Your creative juices flow. What can you create?

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Family members want to get into your act and you are thrilled to have them around. Leos may have been feeling a little disconnected. If so, find new ways to bring those close to you even closer and expand your circle. Your home life becomes front and center. Will you consider some freshening up of your surroundings? You have some great decorating ideas now.


Anything you say will sound beautiful and diplomatic now, Virgo. So think about what is most important to you, form some compelling ideas around that and talk to the right people who can make things happen for you. Planting those seeds right now will better prepare you for the next few months of activities. Watch things bloom!


What do you really value, Libra? Once you decide what is vitally important and what is not, you will then be able to grow your future with security and stability. The important thing is to find out what works best for you and not what others want for you. Consider all options, think carefully and do the best research you can. Then invest and watch your finances grow. Wow!


You are the center of all of the attention and adoration, Scorpio. People gravitate into your orbit and you can command the scene. So what do you want to accomplish with all of this fandom? This is the time to plan for the future by implementing some long held ideas. Move with the influencers and see what they can do for you. Ask and you shall receive.


There is something wonderful going on for you in the background that will soon make its presence known. It is a karmic time for you, Sagittarius. So put your best charitable foot forward, do good, kind deeds, meditate on the solutions, pay it forward and generally go with grace. You will see personal benefits almost immediately.


You seem to be surrounded by friends, Capricorn, and you will enjoy that very much. So put yourself in a position to meet new people, join new associations and get involved in a range of interesting activities. Your charisma is high and your sociability is infectious. You can never have too many friends. But they can sure fill up your social calendar!


Anything that you want to accomplish professionally can take a giant leap forward now, Aquarius. You are able to schmooze the most important and powerful people. They will want to help you any way they can. Good. Plan your eventual climb to success in whatever area is your passion. Today the cubicle. Tomorrow the penthouse.


This can be a time of great and romantic adventure, Pisces. You have the ability to get out of your hum drum routine and find something exciting and exhilarating. Find something new that tickles your interest. It may involve faraway travel or, if you prefer, something closer to home that feels safe but also fun. It’s entirely your choice.

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