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Horoscope for the Week of November 1, 2021 - Mercury in Three Signs

Mercury wanders through three signs over the next three weeks – Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius – enlivening our minds and sparking our imaginations. Take your thoughts to new heights and don’t look down!

Stanley tucci









(Stanley Tucci has Mercury in Scorpio)

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Plans for an eventual escape with someone close and special to you takes on added importance over the next few weeks. Aries not have deeper feelings about a certain someone but can also find ways to spend more time with them. So let your imagination take control as to what you can do or say to enhance your love life and live large.


Balance will be everything now, Taurus. Your obligations at work need to be wrangled so that you leave time and attention to partners. You can achieve this by carefully planning out projects and prioritizing. There may be some things that you can put off. But don’t put off connecting with those who are especially important to you.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Is it possible to have too much fun, Gemini? I guess you will see. All of your amusing pastimes may begin to pile up and eventually you will need to decide which are the most fulfilling and which are simply too much work. Parse through what is most important to you and share it with someone close to you. Partying is much more fun with a group.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

There will be times when family and domestic projects require your full attention. So when that happens, try to focus on the essentials, Cancer, and decide what is best for you in the long term. As the week progresses, however, you will find more time for relaxation and fun. So pace yourself and see where it all leads.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Thinking through a particularly detailed situation will take time and care, Leo. That is why, as the days progress, you find greater calm and comfort in staying closer to home and cocooning. Make your surroundings perfect for you. That may mean planning a renovation, moving a few pieces of furniture around or inviting friends over.


Planning for your financial future can lead you to a new and more independent position. Your confidence soars, Virgo, as you find your footing in a range of important life matters.  So focus on what is most important to you and what you need to do to make these things happen. By next year you should be on top of the world.


How can you become even more influential, Libra? You can find more of the answers now as you are able to expand your vision of the future and ascertain which path you need to take. The secret to your success may depend on what information you cull and whose advice you take. Gather everything you can and ruminate on it before you act. Then act up!


There is so much going on it may be difficult to break through the static, Scorpio. But you will find inventive ways to manage through the fog and make meaningful inroads into your future successes. Reach out and move into new social circles. You impress some fairly impressive people. Then decide how to press them.


If you find yourself especially intuitive, Sagittarius, that is because you probably are. So delve into your soul and listen to what your inner voice is telling you. It can lead you into new and exciting avenues that enhance your life and make it more exciting. The secret is to calmly pull back and take it all in meditatively. Then decide.


Not only are you more popular, you find ways to attract more people and interesting activities. So see where life leads you, Capricorn. Find ways to expand your social circle and let it take you to places where you’ve never been before. Somewhere along the line is someone who can figure prominently in your life for the long term.


You may want to spend more time thinking about your long term plans, Aquarius. What do you want and need to achieve, especially in your career? There are opportunities to explore and powerful people who can help you. All you have to do is figure out the “what” and all of the rest falls into place. Concentrate. Concentrate.


This is the time for expansion and exploration, Pisces. Your mind is open and ready for new stimuli. So choose from the many ways to make that happen from travel to study to general outreach. Get out of your routine and enjoy everything that life has to offer. The world is on your doorstep. Either invite it in or step outside.

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