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Horoscope for the Week of October 18, 2021 - Retrograde Mercury Redirects

Retrograde Mercury in Libra redirects now, stabilizing our communication efforts and making us more persuasive again. Where do we need a little extra sparkle? Find it and shine.








(Beyonce has Mercury in Libra)

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Has the conversation between you and a certain someone been a little strained recently? If so, welcome a new time of happier connection. You are closer to being on the same page on a variety of issues and can reach a new level of understanding. So, Aries, relax and enjoy your time with others, knowing that both of you can speak volumes without saying a word.


Any detailed, work related project that has been hitting a few snags recently can suddenly move forward and make real progress. Others seem to finally understand what you have been saying and what you need. Before, there was just communication fog. Thank you for your patience, Taurus. Now start pushing things forward.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

If you have had a bit of creative block recently, Gemini, now is the time to push forward as a bunch of fun ideas can be mined and released. Inspiration strikes! Don’t waste time while this energy is ripe. It will also be easier to convince others to join in on your antics. See who can do what and find new ways to express yourself in artistic ways.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Any home related project that has been sitting on the back of your to-do shelf can be brought forward and handled well now. That is because others are listening to you clearly and you are expressing yourself clearly as to what needs to get done. So, Cancer, let your imagination soar and get your surroundings to a state where you excel.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Any past gaffes, where you spoke first and thought about it later, can be easily fixed now, Leo. That is because you are seeing how you can best craft your message so you are more diplomatic and others can more clearly understand what you are saying. Take your speech on the road and see who follows. Who knows where this can all lead…?


Saving your pennies for an eventual retirement is the slow way to solvency, Virgo. In the past few weeks you might have explored other avenues for financial success. But if you now feel at a fiscal crossroads, give yourself a few more weeks and do a little more research. You may now find the perfect investing solution. Be in control of your own future.


Meeting folks for the first time may have been a little tricky in the recent past but now your ability to schmooze others to your way of thinking is not only sharp but also successful. Place yourself in the center of all of the social action any way you safely can, Libra. Now is the time to shine and light up the scene. You’ll get to know the who’s who and what’s what.


Your intuition is not only sharp and on point now, Scorpio, you can also more easily ascertain what to expect in the near future and take the appropriate action. The cosmos speaks … and you can now accurately listen. The secret to your success is to observe, process and carefully move forward. But also be flexible as the messages can change.


You can never have too many friends, Sagittarius. But getting everyone in agreement is not always easy. A better balance is in your future now as you have clearer ideas and can express them well. So plan for a few get togethers with pals, acquaintances and a few completely new faces.  This is the time for out-reach and camaraderie.


Career plans may have been hitting some bumps as your past plans shifted or your conversations with bosses were not totally understood. But now, Capricorn, there will be more happy opportunities to make yourself clear, set your successful course and do what you need to do. Plan carefully, ask advice and take a calculated risk. Wow!


Any travel plans that may have been held up or an actual trip that had its ups and downs are now a thing of the past, Aquarius. The road ahead is clear of obstacles and your ability to plan a perfect (and safe) get away is read for takeoff. What can you do to refresh your spirit and expand your world outlook? Now is the time to get creative.


Your love life might have had a few miscommunications recently, Pisces. But now you can say what you mean and mean what you say in any highly emotional conversation. Our need for connection is deep and you are especially sensitive to the feelings of others. Make your personal needs known and see how strong bonds of love can become.

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