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Horoscope for the Week of October 25, 2021 - Sun Enters Scorpio

The Sun enters Scorpio this week. It is time to embrace our passions and find the core essence of what we really, really want out of life. Will this be an intense time? You bet! And it’s about time.

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(Julia Roberts has Sun in Scorpio)

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How hot can you be Aries? Pretty hotsy totsy, I would say. Let your animal magnetism guide you into delicious love liaisons now as your ability to attract anyone you want is strong and compelling. But try to be choosey. There will be many to vie for your attention but only a select few who are worthy of you … or maybe just one person in particular.


Relationships become more intense and close now. The past few months may have been a time of isolation and distance but this can now be bridged and overcome easily, Taurus. There will be times when this closeness can feel confining but it can also feel comforting at the same time. Find ways to achieve a fine balance and make your life more meaningful.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Pour yourself into your work, Gemini. You can tackle anything and everything no matter how detailed or expansive. Focus on the task and see if you can also find willing helpers who help you move things forward more quickly. You find that not only will you feel much more accomplished but also free to then pursue more creative avenues.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Cancers with a great idea make it happen on the big stage now. You seem to have so many great ideas that they cannot be contained. While it will be hard to prioritize, you manage to do so fairly easily. So don’t think small when things loom large. Make your personal, artistic statement loudly. You never know who needs to listen.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Domestic issues hit a hot and high note, Leo. Everyone wants your attention. What will you do with all of the familial frenzy that demands your participation and strategy? Think carefully first and act carefully second. Then have a big gathering and invite everyone to join. This can be the start of something emotionally fun and fulfilling.


You find yourself in the epicenter of the conversation, Virgo. If you have been nurturing some personal ideas, it is time to let them out. You now communicate with passion and will forge a connection that influences others and makes change happen. Let your voice be heard loud and clear. If not now, then when? If not you then who?


If you ever wanted to make significant inroads into your fiscal security, this is the time, Libra. You have the ability to hyper focus on what needs to be done and to find the right advisors to lead you in the right direction. While it is an auspicious time to concentrate on your goals and timeline, you should also take strategic action to make plans a reality.  


Step out into the center stage and shine, Scorpio. People naturally gravitate to you and you manage to command all attention. Whatever you have been planning to do for a while, now has the capacity to move forward. You may be surprised at who is available to help you. It may only take a small effort on your part to shake up your life.


There is a lot of magic going on behind the scenes, Sagittarius. The secret to your success will be to discover what it is, who is creating it and what you can do with all of it. Have fun as you explore the unknown and give back to the universe as you proceed. You never know where you will wind up at the end of this fabulous personal journey.


There will be friendships and connections made this week that can have profound impact on your future direction, Capricorn. Nothing can prepare you for the fascinating and passionate people you meet. But you have to get out there and mingle within your comfort level. Nothing happens if you don’t make it happen. But also expect happenstance.


Building towards your future professional goal never seemed so clear and easy as it is now, Aquarius. That is because all of your pre-planning is ready to go, go, go. You now just have to take the first step. But for those who are still in the planning stage, it is also a great time to refocus your efforts and readjust your path. You now know how.


Pisces are ready to explore the world and increase their vision. If you are ready to venture out safely, do so. If you need more time to consolidate your feelings, find ways to broaden your horizon from home. There will be many ways – both inside and outside – for you to refresh perspectives, discover new and exciting folks and otherwise blossom.

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