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Horoscope for the Week of November 15, 2021 - Mars Square Saturn

Energetic Mars squares stern Saturn making our every move a strategic imperative. Use this week to calculate what you have to do and when you can most effectively do it. Then just do it.

Morgan freeman








(Morgan Freeman has Mars in Scorpio)

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Aries, you may have to make a big decision regarding friends and lovers. Balance between these two very different relationships could reach a tipping point this week. But don’t panic - this could be very welcome news. Once a new stable understanding is reached, you can feel much more confident in more aspects of your life.


The opportunity to reach a new, higher level of responsibility in your profession is at once both welcome and stress producing. How can you best balance the needs of partners with those of your job? You will soon construct the right answer that works best for you, Taurus. The best course of action will enable you to find success in everything you do.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Geminis at once want to be both totally free and unfettered and yet might feel the burden of responsibility in certain detailed projects. What will it be this week - Exploration and expansion or deep focus on small tasks? You may feel tied to the ground at certain times but what you can accomplish now gives you even greater freedom later.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

How deeply do you want to be involved in one very specific one-to-one love and how much do you prefer to keep things light, flirtatious and playful? That will be your big decision this week Cancer. Whatever and whoever you choose will be the result of deep thinking and careful prioritization. Then go and just have fun!

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Certain relationships may create extra stress at home. Maybe it’s because you have taken on too many domestic projects and can’t give others a certain level of attention? Or maybe you are hankering for a move when a partner prefers to stay put? Whatever is rocking your world, give it some thought before you make any big move, Leo.


While the job may become extra stressful, it may be time to observe rather than comment, Virgo. Your insights are as strong as your opinions. But things are still shifting and you could find yourself with greater opportunities if you strategize before you act. Finding colleagues who can support you will benefit you in the long run.


How much fun can one Libra have? Apparently quite a lot! But some of your more favorite pastimes may cost you more money than you think. Your mission this week will be to decide what activity is really worth it and how much of it do you want and need. Once you have narrowed your choices, go out and enjoy every last minute.


Set your priorities this week, Scorpio, and then go forward with your personal long term plans. This will not only solidify your domestic agenda but will also position you for greater future success in a range of important life areas. Find ways to reach out and meet new and influential people who can help you in your journey. You can do it.


If your intuition runs into overdrive, Sagittarius, allow yourself the opportunity to listen to it for a while. That doesn’t mean that you need to take any real action from your musings. But these stray thoughts may help you find answers to some long term seemingly intractable issues, especially as they pertain to finances. Bank on it.


Friendships figure prominently for you this week as your need for connection becomes one of your biggest must-haves. Expanding your circle may result in some unexpected surprises. There may be one or two friends or acquaintances who need your help now, Capricorn. Are you able to balance your needs with those of others?


Are you headed to where you want to be in the future, Aquarius? That will be the big question for you to answer this week. This issue may take the form of a big career decision or it may readjust who you spend time with on a very personal level. Whatever conclusions you reach now have long term implications so be very strategic.


Pisces are in the center of their own universe and can transcend any stress with meditation and quiet thought. The secret to your personal success now is to expand your cosmic reach and make it global. Reach out to those with very different experiences and gain greater knowledge. Then find a great application for all of it.

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