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Horoscope for the Week of November 22, 2021 - Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun enters independent Sagittarius this week heralding in a time of unfettered freedom. Take all of your reserves of knowledge and use it to tackle big, expansive issues. Today, the neighborhood. Tomorrow the world.

Tina turner








(Tina Turner has Sun in Sagittarius)

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There is nothing you cannot do or achieve now, Aries, once you set your mind and heart to it. What that means in terms of next steps is taking a global view of even the smallest of issues and rolling out solutions that help multitudes rather than individuals. What can you accomplish when your vision is so vast and expansive? Quite a lot.


Taureans are sexy souls and can manifest their destiny any way they want now. You feel free to roam and see where love leads you but I suggest that you plan your journey so that it takes you to exactly who and where you want to go. You can love deeply and completely so don’t waste your gifts on just anyone. Choose someone special.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Relationships take on an entirely different “feel” now, Gemini. And that is because you are realizing that balance and diplomacy can help you achieve results in ways that flirtation and a bit of manipulation doesn’t. Choose the high road and see where it can lead in specific partnerships. You will emerge stronger and much happier.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Not only do you feel much more robust and energetic, you will find that you are interested in exploring many different things now. Cancers are advised to get out of the house and safely breathe some fresh air all around town. It can lift your spirits and make you feel that you can achieve anything. Spoiler alert – you really can!

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Leos know how to really have fun this week and why not? Your mind is full of creative, festive activity ideas and you are bursting with enthusiasm to get started on them. The difficult part will be choosing exactly what to do. Let your muse run free and see who will join you in your adventures. Before you know it, it will turn into one big party.


Turn your attention to your home life and see how you can expand the range of what you do and who you decide to do it with. Family becomes more of a focus and home-based activities become the preferred thing to do. Where do you go from here, Virgo? Will it be to a completely new living space or a refresh of where you are?


Your words will have much greater impact now, Libra. Your vision is global and your thought process is both heartfelt and strategic. You also have the ability to schmooze and move anyone to your way of thinking. So share your best ideas with those who can help move them along and see where they can take you. Maybe everywhere!


Money figures prominently in your thoughts and actions now, Scorpio. Not only can you more easily earn it but any investment you make through your careful research will pay off. So don’t delay in making your dough rise to new heights. You will be able to bake some impressive gains and prepare yourself for a fluffy retirement.


The world is served up to you on a golden plate now, Sagittarius. That means that you will be able to capture the attention and imagination of some fairly powerful and influential people. What do you want to achieve through the next year? Maybe it will involve people and places that you have been dreaming of. Make your fantasy a reality.


Start to plan your next big strategic moves while your intuition is sharp and your ESP is especially focused, Capricorn. Not only are you able to discern the right path through all of the mental fog, you may find outside forces are there and ready to help you. Embrace all the good karma and see where your cosmic path leads.


Friends are there when you need them, Aquarius. And you may find that you need them a bit more now. Companionship is high on your list of must-haves and the ability to connect with people is especially strong. So expand your social circle and see who comes into your personal orbit. There are some remarkable folks out there for you.


What is it that you need to accomplish in your professional path, Pisces? Whatever you set your mind to do, you can achieve it now. Figure out what you want and start the process to get it. Don’t go into halfway measures. Only the biggest and boldest goals should be considered now. You are in the winner’s circle. Show them what you’ve got.

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