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Horoscope for the Week of November 8, 2021 - Venus in Capricorn

Venus moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn this week. Things that we love may take a more practical turn and our choices for amour can be more everlasting. Prepare for the future by making decisions now.






(Madam Lichtenstein has Venus in Scorpio)

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You find more and more powerful people taking a liking to you now, Aries. That is because all of your hard work over the past few months is being recognized and rewarded. Let yourself float on the good news but also be more mindful of how you can best navigate to maximize the rewards. Everything can fall into place professionally.


If you believe that this could be a good time to travel, take steps to make it happen safely, Taurus. Not only can you expand your range of influence and broaden your knowledge, you can also meet some very interesting and unique people on your journey. If you still feel a little more comfortable closer to home, expand your mind in cyberspace.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Geminis are feeling pretty zippy in their love life. Let your passions roam and see where they lead you. For some it will be to familiar, happy territory and for others it can be an entirely new set of experiences. The secret here is to love large and make up for lost time in any deep relationship. Do whatever makes you feel happy and alive.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Balance is everything this week, Cancer, and that means finding a new and contented balance in certain relationships. For those who you know who need a bit of support, you find the heart and can help them if possible. For those who want to reach out to you, let them feel needed and wanted. The world is one big cosmic egg. Help nurture it.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

If you are feeling more robust and peppy, use that energy to take care of things around you. Leos might have had a tendency to procrastinate but now you seem to have enough oomph to apply to any necessary task. You might even gain a couple of helping hands along the way that makes any project more fun. The go and have real fun!


Your creativity has never been sharper and more beautiful, Virgo. For some reason you can become inspired by the most mundane and simple things. You envision something bigger, bolder and impressive. Use this time to show off what you can do and what you can create that makes the world a happier place. Let that be your mantra.


Your home is more than your refuge, Libra. It is a place where you can feel whole and content. Of course, there still may be a few things that you want to do to perfect this environment. If so, now is a good time to do it. Not only do you have great vision of what can be, there is someone there who can help you make a fantasy a reality.


Scorpios are not only compelling, they can strategically craft their message to connect to almost anyone. What is it that you want to say and what do you want the results to be once you’ve said it? Once you have figured that all out, go forth and test the waters. This can be your big moment. Will it be in politics? Let’s just see…


Discovering how you can make your life more comfortable and secure will be your guiding light, Sagittarius. You might want to review what is and what is not most important to you. Have you been attentive to your finances? If so this is the payoff time. If you need more in that area, focus on it now and prepare for a fluffy tomorrow.


Not only are you sitting in the center of the social swirl, you seem to know exactly what to say and who to meet to make any of your long term goals a reality. So plan and take action, Capricorn. There are so many great opportunities that the challenge will be in choosing the right one. But frankly, you can’t miss with efforts now!


If there was ever a time for Aquarians to just sit back and be mellow, this is it. Find ways to de-stress and improve your overall health in the process. There are bigger forces at work to guide you to a place in your life where you not only can overcome personal, psychological obstacles but also thrive. So meditate and let the world heal around you.


Social groups provide you with more comfort and stability now, Pisces. Reach out and find those who share your values and help you navigate the greater world. But don’t compromise too much of yourself along the way. There will be positive give and take. Eventually you may even lead the group effort. Leadership is your middle name.

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