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Horoscope for the Week of November 6, 2021 - Neptune Redirects

Wiley Neptune in Pisces redirects this week after six retrograde months where craziness took hold. It is time for life to return to a more mellow and creative tune. Put your dreams into action and achieve.










(The State of California has  Neptune in Pisces)

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The concept of money and personal finance may have resulted in less-than-stellar returns in the recent past. But now, Aries, you manage to regain your intuitive financial acumen and put it to work. Move your focus into more stable investments that can assure you a much cushier future … or at least a more fun present.


If you have found yourself in a bit of a fog over the past few months, allow yourself some time to mentally return to earth. Begin to refocus on the essential and important things in your life and plan on where you want to be months from now. This is the time to mingle with others, Taurus, and charm those who can help you achieve.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Your intuition might have led you into … err… more interesting areas than you first thought. But now you can readjust and allow your creativity free reign without worrying that it will lead you astray. Your mind is clear and mellow, Gemini. Find ways to express your full self in all of its wonderful incarnations. You are a full spirit of joy.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

If friendships have had their ups and downs, this is a great time to get your closest pals back on course. Cancers live and love large. Allow yourself a time to readjust to platonic relationships and return to happy rhythms of interaction. And it is a great time to even expand your social circle with more creative and artistic people.  Wow!

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Whatever you have been trying to achieve with your long term plans can now be put back into motion. The recent past might have led you down less opportune pathways and a few dead ends. But you see the path more clearly now, Leo, and can more easily ascertain the right timing and direction. It becomes almost intuitive.


Whatever you have been feeling regarding travel and outreach can now be reassessed and driven forward. Virgos might have been feeling restricted or somehow confined but now there is a breath of fresh air and freedom swirling around you.  Grab for the moment and feel refreshed. Learn something totally new or explore.


Entanglements in love will seem more pleasurable and less stressful for you now, Libra. The recent past might have been a time of fog and mixed signals. You can love large and feel deeper connection with others without all of the extra confusion. Where can this all lead? Explore the possibilities and enjoy every moment.


Certain one-to-one relationships might have had their ups and downs recently, but you can now manage to set things of a happier and stronger course. Was there some miscommunication or maybe no communication at all? Think about what you really want and need in another person, Scorpio, and use this time to make it happen.


Sagittarians might normally be a bit disorganized but the recent past might have made you a bit foggier than usual. No matter! Everything will come more into focus now and you will find yourself to be much more productive and successful in any job. You seem to know just what to do and when to do it. Get everything in order and then … delegate!


If you have experienced a bit of creative block, expect much more energy and creativity when and where you need it now. Fun will take on great new dimensions and your ability to charm others hits a high note. So make your way through the metaverse, Capricorn, and see how beautiful and artistic life can now be.


Interactions between family members may have been a bit confusing and non-productive at times in the recent past. But there is something sweet in the air that gets relatives together and enjoying each other’s company. Don’t ask why, Aquarius. Just sit back and enjoy the convivial moments. There can also be great opportunities to expand the conversation.


Your presence is now required at every social event, Pisces. And you will impress the multitudes with your charm, grace and artistry. The recent past may have had its social snafus but now the path is open. So don’t wait for opportunity to knock on your door. Venture out and see what the world has to offer you and you can offer the world.

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