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Horoscope for the Week of January 10, 2022 - Mars Sextiles Saturn

Energetic Mars sextiles stern Saturn this week. Suddenly our actions produce impressive results. What lessons will we learn? What new pathways will we forge? Only the planets know….

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(Kim Kardashian has Mars in Sagittarius)

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When it comes to big ideas, you are the one, Aries. You see the full landscape of opportunity and are able to nimbly gather the right friends to help make anything you want a reality. So survey the scene and see who fits in perfectly with your plans. Life will be full of exciting  adventure and can lead you into an entirely new life direction.


You are ready to make some deep personal changes that will figure prominently in your long term plans. Taureans are careful and now, as your energy takes over, you become a bulldozer of change. And it will be change where change is needed. So let the fates guide you to a new professional path or any other future project. All is profitable and satisfying.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Any relationship in need of a boost will get it this week, Gemini. That means that you need to decide who is worth the effort and how you can best make that oomph happen in a positive way. Not only will connections figure prominently now, they will also pave the way to future happiness and fulfillment. Make your choice and forge ahead.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

There are some pretty intense things going on in your life now, Cancer, that might make you feel a bit more stressed. But sometimes stress is a good thing that can be used productively to push old things out and new things in. It is time for a refreshment and new set of projects. You may even feel especially energetic and optimistic.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

You need more fun in your life, Leo. And what better way to magnify all of the fun than through certain relationships. Grab your partner and get more zest out of life. Before you know it you will feel like a new person, full of vim and vigor and a bunch of new parties on your calendar. The new year brings new creative opportunities. Whoo hoo!


While family obligations may leave you a little over whelmed now, it is all for the best, Virgo. There have been some miscommunications and missteps that can now be fixed and healed. Bringing together relatives will make you feel content and happier in the long term. So celebrate and connect with others. Life is too short.


Try to plan as many happy and festive events as you can now, Libra. You have ample availability and lots of ideas. There might even be a bit of romance mixed into the plan that can send you into an entirely new direction. Your creativity hits a high point and anything you set your mind to do in this area will be a masterpiece. Wow!


Don’t be surprised if you find yourself spending more time, energy and even money on a home-based project now, Scorpio. There are projects that you might have wanted to do around the house for a while and just now have the resources to make things happen. Planning carefully and sticking to your budget will help too….


Not only are you especially eloquent now, you may also find yourself surrounded by a very select and impressive crowd of admirers. Make the most of this valuable time, Sagittarius. Your ability to schmooze the right people will catapult your plans and make you a VIP yourself. Are you ready for your big entrance? Ready, set, go, go, go!


Something that you heard in a secretive whisper can be used to improve your finances. So what will your super sharp ears, your inner knowledge and a bit of intuition do for your wallet, Capricorn? Take calculated risks after you have carefully done your homework. The next few weeks can be profitable as well as charitable.


Put more effort into expanding your social circle, Aquarius. The new people you meet now can help you in many ways. There might be a group that has interested you in the past but you never had time to develop. Find the time and see how energizing and exciting your life can become. It’s a new year with new people and new opportunities.


The mysteries of life may lead you into an entirely new life direction, Pisces. That is because things that have been brewing behind the scenes are now coming into fruition. Whatever recent efforts you have put into your career, for example, may now pay off nicely. Grab for the gold ring and take yourself to the next highest level of achievement.

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