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Horoscope for the Week of January 24, 2022 - Sun in Aquarius

The Sun enters Aquarius this week making us open and ready for the next big step in life. Take it to the streets and see where you can make a positive change for you and the world.

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(George Washington had Sun in Aquarius)

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Friends seem to know exactly what you need to do to make your own success. Sometimes their advice may sound counter intuitive but once you think about it, it may become a spark of genius. So take all advice as it comes, Aries, and use the parts that give you an added advantage. These gems will help you sparkle through the next few weeks.


There will be times where your long range plans seem deferred or delayed. But that is just the staging time that you need to finalize your actions to move forward quickly. So take your time and consider all of your options, Taurus. Your professional path may shift and the limits of your success will appear to be endless. Conquer and reign!

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

If you have been feeling hemmed in, this may be a good time to consider your options. Geminis need to break out of their ruts and experience new things that will enliven their lives. So try a new hobby, travel to a new location or otherwise break from your tradition. Experience something a little out of your comfort zone. You never know…

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Cancers looking for love will find it ... and it may come from the most unexpected or unusual places or people. This is no time to be shy. Your ability to express your feelings will enable you to expand and enliven your life and give you a new purpose. Think about your priorities and needs. Then keep your heart open and see who enters.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Relationships take on a new and refreshing turn now, Leo. Whatever might have been a barrier suddenly opens up and allows for new understanding. Seek new connection and strengthen current partnerships. This will be a time of progress and cooperation. Anything you decide to do always will work better with others helping out.


Health matters take on a new prominence in your life, Virgo. Use this time to strengthen your constitution, find ways to de-stress and otherwise relax and recharge. You will find that simple exercises have great impact and your overall physical, mental and emotional well-being strengthens. It is an excellent way to start off the new year.


Whatever sparks your curiosity and creativity, do it now, Libra. Explore ways to bring greater joy and surprise into your life. Your luck improves and your overall zest can be expanded and popularized. There may also be more opportunities for romance. Who knows what can happen when you blend body paint and crepe paper?


Home activities take on greater importance this week. Scorpios can find ways to bring family together or otherwise improve their domestic situation. Are you considering a move or a renovation? Plan it now. You are filled with excellent ideas. The challenge will be to decide which of all of your great ideas should be chosen, planned and activated.


No matter how you say it, your opinions matter and your words pack a powerful punch, Sagittarius. Sit back and ponder your best moves over the next few weeks. The plans that you conjure now can be shared with the immediate world and will take on a life of their own. Get involved in local politics or a community effort.


This is a good time of year to plan your financial future. Capricorns are conservative spenders and can now make a series of good fiscal decisions that can lead to excellent investments. What are your goals? How much can you afford to spend? All will be answered after you do some research and contemplation. Then own the bank.


Whatever your plans are, this is the time to make them realities, Aquarius. You find yourself in the center of the fun, activity and action. People listen to everything you say. You have power. So what are you waiting for? Implement your long term plans and see how far you can go on your innate charisma. You wow them and it’s about time!


Pisces may be feeling especially mellow and in tune with the universe now. Great! This is a good place for you to find your balance and lower your stress. Allow yourself time to recharge through yoga, meditation or other types of relaxation exercises. Your body will be in tune for all of the wonderful activities in store you this year.

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