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Horoscope for the Week of January 3, 2022 - Personal Planets in Capricorn

How much Capricorn energy can we pack into the next few weeks? Quite a lot with every personal planet eventually sitting in that sign! The end of the year brings a time of consolidation, careful planning and eventual success. See where your lodestar leads you.

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(Britany Spears has Venus in Capricorn)

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More attention will be paid to your career and any important long term plan now, Aries. Seemingly overnight, everything that you have been building towards reaches a pivotal decision point. End your year on a high note by making some important life decisions and setting course to improving your circumstances every month in 2022.


Travel and any activity that expands your horizon will be your guiding light now, Taurus. Open yourself up to the cosmic possibilities and learn something new and life changing. There are areas where you need to explore and subjects that will open up your eyes and excite you. The next year is a wealth of possibilities. Embrace all of the newness.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Whatever important personal issues you are facing, Gemini, the next few weeks will expand your ability to not only delve deeper into your psyche but also reach a new level of personal understanding. Life is too short to be restricted by any thoughts or fears. It is time to allow yourself the opportunity to bloom to your greatest potential. The sky is the limit.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Certain relationships need more structure and attention in order to progress. Maybe it is the level of communication or maybe it is just physically being there for someone. Your mission this week will be to figure out what you can do to achieve greater balance and harmony in these interactions. Future success is not only possible but also probable, Cancer.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

More of the early new year will be spent concentrating on the small details that comprise a larger effort. That means, Leo, you will need to develop more patience in the process and greater focus into what really needs to be done to complete various tasks. Once you have mastered this, not only you’re your accomplishments speed up, they lead to greater rewards.


The holiday season and the New Year will be especially festive and creative for you, Virgo. Not only are many great celebrations swirling around in your orbit, you are inspired to do some massively artistic things that will bring you into a new circle of friends. Don’t hold back on any great idea. Who knows where this can all lead?


Find more ways to engage with family members now. The past few months may have felt too isolating or stressful. It is time for remedies and reminiscing. The reasons for any get together don’t have to be very important or critical. Simply hanging out will bring its own rewards, Libra. The most important thing is to connect and cocoon.


Your words not only pack a great power, your ideas can spark great change. So gather up your wisdom, strategically decide what to say and who to say it to and speak up, Scorpio. There is only so much time to make your mark before your attention turns to other subjects. For now you need to focus on big future projects. 


What is it about money that gets you so excited now, Sagittarius? The end of year holiday season will gift you new ideas about how to best earn and how to maximize what you already have. So try a few new things that secure your finances and guarantee you a cushy retirement … or at least many opportunities to splurge!


There is nothing more exciting than to see a confident and popular Capricorn now. You create the center of all of the action and your natural charisma shines through any dark place. So get out there and make merry. Meet and greet. You never know who will figure prominently in your life over the next year… or maybe even longer than that!


Mysteries are solved and people who are trying to undermine you are exposed. What will you do now, Aquarius? I suggest that you use this time to enjoy the cosmic mellowness of the season and use your intuitive talents to plan your next year. It will be filled with great opportunities and special people to help make things happen.


Friends gravitate to you and why not? Pisces are especially jolly now and seem to know all of the hot parties and festive events that make this time of year memorable and fun. Expand your social circle and bring in more creative types. Your next year will be filled with adventure and having a few new traveling companions will add spice.

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