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The First Mercury Retrograde of 2022

Mercury retrograde2Wonderful astrologer Felissa Rose offers her insights into the first Mercury Retrograde of the new year:







It’s a new year  with undoubtedly many beginnings, endings and changes.  Although the dates are usually different every year, the planet Mercury always goes retrograde three times each year. 

Although  in 2022 there’s a fourth one beginning  December 29  and ending January 18, 2023.   Will go back to this in the last paragraph.   The first one of the year begins this month  on January 14 at 6:43 am EST when Mercury is at 10 degrees 18 minutes of Aquarius.   It ends  February 3 at 11:14 pm EST with Mercury at 24 degrees 23 minutes of Capricorn.       

Mercury rules communication and information.   During the time that it’s retrograde there  could be delays getting necessary information and what one receives might not be particularly clear.   It’s a favorable time to think things over and obtain clarity on whatever you heard or saw.   If getting medical or dental treatment, especially if it’s an initial diagnosis, there can be a lack of clarity about /what the problem might be.   If possible, it’s better to wait and get non-emergency treatment when mercury is no longer retrograde.      Aquarius  rules the legs, starting from below the knees to the feet including the ankle, as well as the blood and  circulation in the body. Capricorn rules the knees, bones and joints, as well as the teeth, and with retrograde energy internalized, these parts of the body are likely to  be more in focus during the period Mercury is moving through these signs.   Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius from January 14 until  January 25th when it enters Capricorn remaining there through the retrograde period.        

The planet Mercury rules paperwork, and It would be best to not sign contracts or legal documents while it is retrograde.   Have seen quite a few individuals experience complications after having done so. If you must sign something, carefully go over whatever you have to sign your name on.  Often the reasons and situations change after Mercury has gone direct.   For instance, someone who was supposed to be a partner in a business changes their mind, or the contract has added expenses that are in tiny print and difficult to see.

Retrograde energy is internalized and with Mercury the planet of communication,  it’s a period when people become more introspective going over thoughts, beliefs and experiences both past and present.  It’s a time when one can make decisions about where they are headed as well as what they consider important,  releasing what is no longer relevant and focusing on  where one is now.  We’re here to learn and grow,  and old behaviors and ways of doing things might not be about who we have become.   This can give one a great deal of insight that can lead to important actions once Mercury is no longer retrograde.  While Mercury is retrograde introspection about the way one perceives and relates to things and people can lead to increased awareness.   Many famous writers were born while Mercury was retrograde,  writing down what comes to their mind and/or what they researched first before sharing it with others

Although Mercury turns direct on February 3 at 24 degrees 22 minutes of Capricorn, it comes to 10 degrees 18 minutes of Aquarius on February 23, the place it went retrograde.    As soon as Mercury goes direct you can go ahead and take action and make the changes, have dental and medical appointments and tests as well as buy whatever you need to.   But when mercury comes to the degree it went retrograde at, in this case 10 degrees of Aquarius, things  tend to become even clearer and loose ends can be tied up.   In 2022 Mercury will also be retrograde May 10 to June 3, September 9 to October 2 and December 29 to  January 18, 2023.  While Mercury is retrograde it’s a time that resonates with thinking before actually  speaking.