Lucky Numbers for the Week of March 25, 2022

Horoscope for the Week of March 28, 2022 - Sun Square Pluto

We may be forced to reevaluate some of our long term plans now as the Sun squares Pluto. But, looking on the bright side, sometimes a refreshing new assessment is just what we need to do!

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(Mariah Carey has Sun in Aries)

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Is your career giving you everything you need, Aries? If not, this could be a great time to plan on a dramatic shift or take some decisive action. The path that you now see unfolding before you may not be the one you initially envisioned. So take stock of where you are and where you eventually want to be and make some adjustments.


Even the most adventuresome of Taureans should take a careful look at where their travels will take them over the span of the next few months. Your desire to get back to normal is admirable. See that you can achieve the freedom and normalcy that you expect and deserve. Survey your landscape and make tweaks in your direction.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Love interests and friendships may hit a roadblock over the next weeks, Gemini. It may be that someone who is more of a friend wants to take the relationship to a closer level. Or it may be that your social group is not as supportive of your chosen love interest as you would like. Figure out the happy balance between the two factions. It can be done.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Cancers who want to concentrate on their career will have to find the perfect (or as perfect as possible) life balance so that your significant other is feeling included. For those seeking greater connection, a decision will have to be made concerning the amount of time you are spending working versus the amount of time you spend nurturing.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

As much as you would love to escape and expand your horizons, there will be more nitpicky tasks that will have to be dispatched first. Don’t let projects pile up and bury you, Leo. Find innovative ways to either get them done or delegate them to others. Freeing up your mind will feel refreshing and energizing. Then get going!


Love, lust, flirtation and romance create an intoxicating brew for you, Virgo. And that is why I suggest you take a step back in certain circumstances and see if who you are with is who you really want to be with. You can fall for a charming line but try to be discerning and practical. The love you find or cement today should last and last.


Your home environment may be due for a shake up or reappraisal, Libra. Are you where you really want to be? Are your surroundings and relationships fitting in with your long term plans? If the answer is yes, go with the flow. If the answer is no, find ways of tailoring or totally changing them to suit your needs for the future.


Strategic communication is pivotal for you, Scorpio. Whatever is on your mind, carefully share it, especially with co-workers. This can help modify the overall landscape so that things are moving more fluidly and you and others are generally happier with the results. Putting in the effort now can produce wonderful results later.


As much as you love to do things in a dramatic and memorable fashion, there may be times when you have to be more cognizant of the financial cost. You are filled with fun and creative ideas that just need to be fully expressed but how big is big? Have your jolly fun, Sagittarius, but also be mindful of your long term finances.


You are feeling bold and beautiful, Capricorn, and can impress anyone and everyone you want. Will your grand plans be helpful or place more stress on your home life? The trick this week is to take a full measure of what you want to achieve and how that will impact your family. Decide on how you can make everyone happy.


Aquarians may be tempted to share a secret or two but please hold off. It is advisable to keep your own counsel for the time being and allow yourself some time to consider what you must reveal and what you can still hold close. There will be time to strategically navigate the foggy landscape. For now your need to control the narrative is important.


Certain friends are in great need now. They may ask you to help them out financially. How you help them is your own decision, Pisces. You may decide that you need more time to think or you may jump in with help immediately. Consider how you can be the best friend you can. Sometimes that means a yes answer and sometimes a no.

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