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Horoscope for the Week of May 16, 2022 - Venus in Aries

Venus ventures into Aries and sends our love missives into overdrive. We live and love large. Take your greatest emotions into the center of the action and see what and who happens.

Elizabeth taylor sun in pisces








(Elizabeth Taylor had Venus in Aries)

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You are not only in the center of your own universe at this time, Aries, you manage to spread your joy into many other sectors. So what do you want to accomplish right now as the good vibes flow? Do you have personal plans to put into motion? Do you want to find a new benefactor? All is possible when your sunny side is up.


If a light is suddenly turned on in one or more of your psychological dark corners, start to celebrate, Taurus. Not only are there no goblins and ghosts lurking in there, there is nothing much there to fear at all. Keep yourself open to the wonderful possibilities of the unknown now. You find that there is much more treasure than trash.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Geminis need to be around people to feel comfortable. Now the fates deliver you more than a few invitations designed to assuage any loneliness and to pump you up. Enjoy any social activity and see how far and long you can take it. The next few weeks will bring you into the orbit of some fairly fascinating and fun-filled folks.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Let’s continue to focus on your career, Cancer, as the planets keep charging up this sector for you. You may want to postpone some big professional decisions but I advise that you not delay too much longer. Let your innate happy disposition and love shine through and onto others. The feelings will reciprocate and your path to success accelerated.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

It’s time to scratch those itchy travel paws, Leo. Life has been too cool and sedate. Your need to get out of your usual routine may be too tempting to resist, especially because so many people are reaching out to you with love and connection. Plan what and where you can go and see where your curiosity can lead you. Wow!


Virgos have a certain something about them that is not only enticing but positively heady. You attract anyone you desire and find that others seem to gravitate into your tempting orbit. What will you do with all of this love energy? I suggest that you use it to reinforce a current romance or, if you are on the prowl, find your soulmate.


Libras always seem to seek fairness, balance and diplomacy. Now you find that your ability to schmooze others and bring warring parties to the negotiation table is in top form. Find commonality and use your personal charisma to strengthen relationships and bring people together. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?


Hard work not only brings great rewards, the work will not be as hard as you initially think, Scorpio. You now have the ability to get others to pitch in and help you. So map out what needs to be done and reach out with your compelling message. Many hands make for light work. And those same hands are ready to relax and party later.


Your creativity reaches a high note now, Sagittarius, as you generate artistic ideas faster than ever before. What can you create that not only can become a personal masterpiece but also help you bring people together for a great and enriching time? There may also be a bit of romance mixing in with of the festivities. Ho, ho, ho.


Now is the time to bring family together and create new and happy memories. Not only are you expansive and open to the possibilities, you have an uncanny knack to understand what others need. So show how adept you are at bringing others together, Capricorn. Weave together connections even between estranged relatives. See where it leads.


Whatever you have to say, Aquarius, say it. Others listen and respond. You are filled with great ideas and important plans that set your life’s course in a positive direction. Use the extra amounts of charisma and charm you now have to sway anyone to any one of your ideas. This rare talent can lead to the greater good. Help heal the world.


Treat yourself to something fun and heart-warming, Pisces. Life has been more stressful and there is nothing nicer than spoiling yourself (and select others) a little bit. You deserve a reward and some time to simply enjoy life. If money is tight, find ways to treat yourself in more affordable ways. Don’t they say that the best things in life are free…?

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