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Mercury Retrograde May-June 2022

Horoscope for the Week of May 9, 2022 - Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Back to Taurus

Mercury retrogrades, eventually backing into Taurus from Gemini. We need to be extra mindful of how we communicate as what we say may be misinterpreted or ignored. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

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(Meryl Streep has Mercury in Gemini)

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Aries mean what they say … to themselves but others may have misheard. Whatever strong opinion you want to get across to others this week, be sure that you say it clearly, slowly and distinctly. Otherwise who the heck knows what your listeners will actually hear? When in doubt, let your thoughts quietly simmer for a bit.


Taureans think that they have all of the financial answers but holding back and waiting may be the more profitable way to go in the long term. Your boldness may come back to bite you if you jump into any investment without doing very slow and careful research first. Allow yourself to be really cheap now to reap rewards later.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Whatever first impression you hope to make, Gemini, it may not go as you expect. Somehow your communication gets jammed up and the crowd is not hearing what you are saying. Or it could be that you get the dates and times mixed up. Whatever possible confusion occurs, be flexible and keep your great sense of humor!

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Going with your intuition can get you a little off course now, Cancer. While it may be tempting to follow your instincts, allow yourself some time to carefully prepare before you act. This can be an excellent time to meditate on things or calm your soul with yoga. Settling into a clear space and relaxing gives you greater focus later.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Friends will set up plans with you but don’t be surprised if the plans change and you don’t realize it. The best thing you can do when any social snafus occur is to gracefully pivot and laugh it all off. You may also find, Leo, that you have accepted too many invitations at one time. It is hard to dance at three parties at the same time.


Hardworking Virgos find that their good efforts may be a bit of a waste of time now. This doesn’t mean that you should necessarily slack off at work but it does mean that you will need to be hyper focused on what you do and what you say so that no time or effort is wasted with miscommunication. So work smart, not fast.


If you are planning any travel, be sure that you check everything at least twice – what you pack, your itinerary, and travel documents or requirements, really anything. Libras are usually balanced but now the fates may send you a few mishaps that will require extra care and finesse. Once you get on the road it will be quite an adventure!


Your best and sexiest moves may not have the desired effect, Scorpio. That is because of miscommunication and not your lack of appeal. Others are interested but you may be giving mixed messages. Check yourself out in the mirror first and see if you are making the best impression possible. Then live and love large.


Whatever you want to say to partners, practice it alone first, Sagittarius. There is the risk of you saying something that you didn’t intend to say or what you say could be misinterpreted. Relationships that need a bit of oomph can get it but sometimes saying nothing and just taking comforting action is the best solution.


Capricorns have a set of plans and projects that they tackle with enthusiasm now, but before you rush into action, carefully review what needs to be done and when. Your efforts should not be wasted with miscommunication or missing steps. In fact, if you have helping hands, be sure those hands know exactly what to do. Oops!


Fun may become much more trouble than it is worth, Aquarius. Any festive event can have its unintended surprises if you rush into it and take shortcuts. The best moves will be slow, careful and full of preparation and planning. Ah but even then, your festivities can have a few surprises. If so, then relax and go with the flow.


A family gathering can go in an unintended direction, Pisces. What you want to do and say and who you want to see can go a little awry at the last minute. Allow yourself the flexibility to handle whatever the fates send your way. Sometimes it is a happy coincidence and sometimes just have to smile and bide your time.

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