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Mercury Retrograde May-June 2022

Mercury retrograde2Astrologer Felissa Rose Gero gives us her assessment of the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Thank you, Felissa!


For the second time this year the planet Mercury will be going retrograde.    This occurs from 7:49 am EDT on Tuesday, May 10th until 4:01 am EDT on Friday, June 3rd.  Mercury goes retrograde at 4 degrees and 50 minutes in Gemini and turns direct at 26 degrees and 5 minutes of Taurus. 

Retrograde energy is internalized and tends to slow down the actions of whatever the planet represents.  Mercury rules communication and  how one obtains  and understands information,  thoughts and ideas.   People who have this placement at birth are more likely than those not born with this placement to go over whatever their  thoughts are  on  a matter for they are more likely to think before they speak.   Many authors and writers were born with Mercury retrograde.   During this time, it’s an opportunity to go over and reflect on one’s perceptions enabling more clarity when they are later expressed.

More often now than at other times things connected to communication either slow or break down.  This includes  phones,  computers, as well as circuits and wires.   Often  when one is more likely to be aware of the importance of getting necessary upgrades to appliances as well as to one’s home or car.   If possible, it would be better to make  these needed changes when Mercury is no longer retrograde.  For,  if it’s an option or it  can wait, it would be a good idea to do so.   But If this isn’t possible get a long-term warranty enabling a cost free or at least a lower price  replacement after Mercury has turned direct.

Mercury rules information which also relates to one’s health.   If a medical or dental appointment can wait it would be a good idea to do so in order to get a clearer diagnosis and understanding of a problem.   Mercury rules the nervous system, the  lungs and tubes in the body.   Since it governs the  breathing there can be an increase of allergies during this time.   So, expect more allergy related  coughing and sneezing.

As Mercury rules legal papers along with information and communication,  be careful signing contracts while the planet is retrograde.  If you must sign, pay particular attention to the details and fine print that seems to be in so many of them.  Have someone you trust, or an attorney not connected to the contract  read it and discuss it with you.  Often there’s something that is likely to be overlooked or not clear.

Looking inward is a positive way to focus while Mercury is retrograde. The understanding of either past or present events can aid in  bringing clarity to whatever decisions or actions that didn’t quite go the way one hoped or expected.  We’re here to both learn as well as understand and the thoughtful and introspective direction of a retrograde Mercury can aid in insight along with awareness.

After Mercury goes direct both communications and information run more smoothly.   Even more so after Mercury comes to the degree it went retrograde at in this case at 4 degrees and 50 minutes of Gemini on June 18th.   In 2022 Mercury will be retrograde again from September 9th until October 2nd and December 29th until January 18, 2023.


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