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Tarot Reading for Gemini for June 2022

Horoscope for the Week of June 13, 2022 - Venus in Gemini

Spread the love this week as Venus enters flirty Gemini. It seems that we can charm anyone to our way of thinking. So think first and act second.

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(Jennifer Lopez has Venus in Gemini)

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Charming as you usually are, Aries, you now have something very special and alluring to charge up your communications. Your ideas hold a certain spark and your delivery is spot on. Know that the things you say now have added allure and impact. That means you have to carefully consider what you way and to whom. Choose wisely … and rule.


Not only are your long-held life values shifting to higher ideals, your ability to successfully share these recently formed values compellingly with others reaches a high point. You love large and others now know it. What will you do with all of this lofty lovely energy, Taurus? Healing the world is a great goal and you have to start now.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Your personal charisma hits a high note, Gemini. Not only do you get many more opportunities to meet important people, your ability to sway them to your way of thinking is especially successful. Get out and mingle. You never know what the fates have in store for you and you want to be ready for action to make your dreams come true.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

There are many beneficial things going on behind the scenes that have the potential to energize your life and outlook as well as give you an extra spark of luck. An opportunity for a romance may also materialize at this time, Cancer. This secret admirer may bring an unexpected surprise. Now that you know, at least act surprised.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Friendships bring extra joy and connection now. Leo’s with a busy social life find they attract even more admirers than usual. Quieter Lions can easily gather their most trusted and beloved compadres over for delightful small soirées. The most important thing is to enjoy any companionship and find the group that gives you extra confidence.


Any major career move you make now seems to be the right one, Virgo. Your careful planning can pay off and your demeanor makes you appear not only more capable but also more confident and relaxed. Find ways to maximize your success by charming those in charge. Now is the time to take a corporate jaunt and see how far you can go.


Feeling a little stuck in time? Free yourself from the boredom by taking off the brakes and expanding your world in a big way. No more hum drum routines for you, Libra. The globe is getting bigger and much more interesting. Travel figures prominently in your future plans and I suspect that you will not be traveling alone … unless you really want to.


Sexy Scorpios cannot be contained any longer. They are just bursting with lovely confidence and personal oomph. Allow yourself to go and explore all the delights that your social sphere has to offer. Your allure is powerful and irresistible. Make this time count in forging strong bonds with lovers and feeling more alive than ever.


Relationships and personal connections become especially important to you now. Are there people with whom you want to forge an even deeper connection, Sagittarius? If so this is a great time for any outreach. Any effort will have positive results. So think about which relationships need that extra zest and go, go, go.


Any work project that has been holding you down can now take off in a positive direction. You now have the ability and the energy to simply and efficiently get things done. And not only that, Capricorn - your creativity hits a high point and your ability to cajole others into helping you out is stronger than ever. Check items off your to do list.


Not only are you elected the social planner for all fun events now, you are the one source of inspiration and artistry in the entire party hearty group. What do you want to do and in what format? The ideas come effortlessly. So get your festive gear going, Aquarius, and show the others why you belong on the perennial A list.


Not only are you able to get all ranges of family members to gather in one place, you are also able to insure that everyone gets along and enjoys the time together. So what are you waiting for, Pisces? It is time to plan and launch a reunion or two while you have your good sense of humor and easy going manner that comes with love and affection.

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