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Horoscope for the Week of July 18, 2022 - Mars Conjuncts Jupiter in Aries

Energetic Mars conjuncts lucky Jupiter in Aries and super charges our ability to make any of our goals a reality. Ramp up your oomph and take it over the finish line.

Paul newman







(Paul Newman had Mars in Aries)

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No one would ever accuse you of being lazy Aries, and now you can really prove the point. You have so much extra energy that those around you are also pumped up. So how can you best manifest this sparky surge? Find supporters who help feed your power and enable you to take your personal goals one giant step forward.


There is so much energy cascading around you that it might be hard to figure out where it is all coming from. But discovering the source is going to be an area of fun for you this week, Taurus. Solving a mystery and finding hidden opportunities will make your future adventures even more successful. Meditate and then agitate.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Social activities not only take up much more of your time now, Gemini, they also provide great pleasure. Gather up your friends and get more involved in certain group activities. You will rise to the top of the popularity heap. There is something (or someone) out there destined to give you exactly what (and who) you seek. Find out.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Cancers might have been waiting for the right time to launch their long term plans and projects. Well this is the time. Do not hesitate to take some calculated risks and curated actions to get to where you eventually want to be, especially in your career. Professional plans take off as opportunities open up for a bigger than expected move.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

If you are planning a vacation, this is a good time to lock in your itinerary, Leo. You are primed for adventure and activity and are now able to focus on getting that long desired trip of a lifetime off the ground. If you find that time and money are tight, there are be plenty of things to do closer to home that feed your wanderlust.


The stars are aligned for love and deep connection, Virgo. The cosmos over-delivers for you in the areas of pure personal magnetism and dramatic flair. Your need for affirmation runs deep and adds to your power. So don’t let this energy dissipate. Muster up your confidence and see who is who and what is what among your amours.


Whatever dynamics certain relationships hold for you, you can now smooth out the ups and downs and use your energies to simply enjoy each other’s company. Libras strive for balance and harmony. Now you can more easily achieve this with even the most tumultuous people. Enjoy the lovely downtime and just chill together.


Scorpios are full of energy and vigor as the week progresses. Your optimism runs high and your ability to navigate through any very stressful event with a healthy level of mellowness is admirable. So what is your best overall move to secure this helpful mellow going forward? Find beneficial outlets like meditation and physical balance. Ommm.


Sagittarians sure know how to have fun and their ability to gather like-minded partyers guarantees to make any event even more special. This is not the time to sit back and wait for others. You command the scene and you are the one with the great ideas. Go forth and see what mischief you can create. Your efforts will score big.


Wherever you live, make sure that your surroundings are in sync with your needs and moods. Capricorns can tailor their surroundings to their personal tastes and sense of beauty. Consider a remodeling or other home improvement options while your creativity and sensibility is especially acute. A happy home environment is in your future.


Whatever is on your mind finds its way into the general conversation and goes viral. Your opinions not only count, they have amazing impact. You are especially compelling, diplomatic and eloquent. So think very carefully of what you want to say and what you intent to achieve with your ideas, Aquarius. Then,  go for it.


There are things you want to do, Pisces. And some of your bigger plans may require a bit of financing. Happily, you find hidden reserves to help you along in your financial planning path. Plan your future accordingly so that your path is paved with stability and wealth. Calculated risks combined with good advice will take you far.

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