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Horoscope for the Week of July 25, 2022 - Sun in Cancer

The Sun enters Cancer this week making us more sensitive, intuitive and cuddly. It’s time to figure how we can best help others while still nurturing ourselves. Take a moment to find that balance.

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(Meryl Streep has Sun in Cancer)

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Focus more on home-based projects and your relationships with relatives, Aries. There are people around you who are waiting for you to reach out. And there are elements around your house that could use some tender loving care. The rewards for improving connections and making your surroundings more comfortable will pay off for years.


A kind word or two from you will have greater impact than you ever thought, Taurus. Your outreach and careful thinking offers others a stable, comforting understanding of any stressful situation. Take your opinions to the streets and find ways to convince others of your expertise. Opportunities open up. Who knows where it can lead?

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Your ability to focus more on long term financial needs are sharp, Gemini. As much as you may want to treat yourself to something totally unaffordable right now, there will be something that causes you to pause and consider. That is great because the efforts you put in now to solidify your future will pay off even bigger down the road.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Whatever big plans you have for your birthday month, it is destined to become much bigger, bolder and beautiful. There is something in the air that holds great possibilities for you in any future life project. Your first step is now. Allow yourself to get into the epicenter of any activity, Cancer, and see how something big can unfold.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

With so much stressful activity hovering around you, Leo, it might be an opportune time for you to concentrate on relaxing, de-stressing and just kicking back. You will be happily surprised at how a short restful break can help you re-prioritize and recharge. Soon you will be back in the scrum but this time more focused and powerful.


While there have been times when you needed some solitude, now is an excellent time to reach out and be more of a joiner. Virgos benefit from more platonic connections. Not only can they lead you to more enjoyable activities, they can also bring you in touch with those who can help you go to where you want to go. So go, go, go!


There has never been a better time for you to focus on your professional goals, Libra. There will be more opportunities to pivot when and where you need to and some clever ideas to help you better position yourself for success. Don’t get into a summer slump. This calls for decisive action after careful planning a strategizing. Take charge.


Travel is highlighted now, Scorpio, as your need to get out of your routine becomes more intense. Are there places that you have delayed visiting because of the pandemic? Are there adventures ready for you to explore? Maybe it’s time to at least plan for a journey. Who knows how the rest of the summer will play out?


You are a force of nature, Sagittarius. Your ability to heat up a scene with your mere presence and capture all of the adoration has never been stronger. Amp up your love life and strive for deeper connection in any one-to-one liaison. Who do you want to attract and once you have gotten their attention, then what? Whoo hoo!


Whatever is going on in your life, it will be better to have company doing it. Capricorns can reach out and connect with anyone they want and through this connection, go to greater lengths. Is there someone once dear to you who has fallen out of your social sphere? If so, reach out and see what can happen when two reacquaint.


There is greater energy brewing for you, Aquarius. That means that this is no time to be lazy. Get in gear and see how you can ramp up your exercise and improve your overall health and diet regime. It can improve your overall outlook. You can find yourself in fit form and ready for anything… including total relaxation … in a few weeks.


Pisces are ready for something fun and creative. Use this time to delve into your most artistic impulses and see how many masterpieces you can make. Your mind is agile and looking for even more stimulation. Find it in the arts or even by planning and attending a party or three. Pastimes hold the key to fulfillment now.

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