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What to Look for in an Astrology Birth Chart

When I read someone's chart, I look for a series of specific points in it. I thought I would share how I approach chart reading for those who are either interested in a reading or who are doing the reading themselves. Here are my top five starting points:

  1. The Overall Shape of the Chart. Once the chart is in front of me, I gauge the overall shape based on how the planets are arranges around the houses. Are they clustered on one side of the chart in more of a Bowl Shape? Or are they dispersed fairly evenly in more of a Splash pattern? Or do they evenly divide like a Seesaw? There are six types of shapes and each one gives great insight into the overall personality.
  2. Elements and Modes. What elements and modes dominate? What is lacking? (That will let you know what the person needs...) What combination of mode and element has more presence in the chart? (That will let you know their basic personality.)
  3. Major sign placements. What is the Sun sign and what house is it in? The Sun is the basic personality, especially after the age of 30. Do the same for the Moon sign and Saturn sign. Moon is emotional and Saturn is how we learn our lessons.
  4. Major Aspects. Check to see what major angles are made to the Sun, Moon, Saturn and Ascendant signs.
  5. What Signs and Planets are in each House. Finally. go house by house and see what is going on there by planet, sign and aspects.

There are many more parts of the chart that you can analyze but this is a great starting point.

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