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Horoscope for the Week of August 15, 2022 - Venus Enters Leo

Venus moves into Leo and opposes retrograde Saturn in Aquarius. Our love can take flight but it may hit a ceiling. Manage expectations this week and glide ever upward next week.

Nicole kidman




( Nicole Kidman has Venus in Leo)




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Aries just want to have fun. But is your idea of fun in sync with your friends? If so, party on. If not, find ways to compromise and make as many people as happy as possible. Adventure and artistry is always better enjoyed with pals. And who knows? You may experience something new and delightful that you never thought of before.


You have plans and those plans have been in the works for a while. But don’t be surprised if some of those plans hit some obstacles. Don’t sweat it, Taurus. Family members are there to support you and give you what you need to overcome any challenges. Listen to their advice and go forward carefully and strategically. Then take over….

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Will you know what to say when your travel plans suddenly upend, Gemini? I suspect you will but it may not change the situation in the short term. The main lesson to tackle now is to be flexible and open to all possibilities. Life might have been feeling a little hemmed in but there will be time to expand, experience and enjoy.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Love is in the air. It is frothy, heady and a bit uncontrollable. Emotions can run high and you may find that your experience could change your perspective on what you value both philosophically and financially. What can Cancers do to maximize the joy and minimize the complexity and intensity? You will think of something.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

You are feeling pretty good about yourself, Leo. You are full of vim and vigor. Share some of that energy with partners and see how you can use your confident and good vibes to smooth out any rough edges within the relationship. My advice is to listen more and talk less. You never know what can be revealed in the time of quiet.


There are some wonderful, karmic energies wafting around you, Virgo. Will this be enough to reduce your overall stress? The secret to your mellow success is to use what the cosmos is offering you and make a mindful effort to pull back and go with your inner voice. Meditate or just find time to relax and see how refreshing it is.


Great movements capture your imagination now, Libra. You feel part of a large universal effort. But check the values of the group to be absolutely sure you know where it is going. There is a lot you can accomplish on your own. It could be a rewarding time to take some of your own philosophies and put them into action.


You see great opportunities in your career, Scorpio. Those in power are recognizing your contributions and planning for your future. Will this focus on personal growth and long term goals leave you with less time for family and loved one? Maybe. So try to find the balance in your time and efforts so that everyone feels appreciated.


You are ready to expand your knowledge base, Sagittarius, whether in the sciences, humanities or the arts. And yet, there may be something holding you back. Maybe it has to do with focus and attention. This is a short term challenge and soon enough, your ability to decide and take the next step becomes apparent. Go for it. 


While you may suddenly feel in control of some of the more intense aspects of your life, you may find that finances in particular may become askew and a little unmanageable. This is not a bad thing, Capricorn. Training more focus on your money is always a good idea and reining in some of your more extravagant purchases is another.


Don’t let a little lack of self-confidence prevent you from establishing new relationships and liaisons, Aquarius. There are those who are just waiting for you to reach out. There are others who, with a little extra care and personal touch, can become even closer. Find ways to make yourself even more charming than you already are.


Your work environment is becoming more enjoyable and your relationships with colleagues can get even better than expected. The only warning here is not to spend too much time working, Pisces. Be sure that you allot more time for decompression and relaxation. Underlying stress from the past few months need to be completely dissipated.

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