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Horoscope for the Week of August 29, 2022 - All Outer Planets Retrograde

Every single outer planet (Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter) is now retrograde. What this means is that careless short term thinking can have long lasting implications. Go slowly and methodically with any important life decision.





(Rihanna has Jupiter in Aries)



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Be sure you understand the financial impact of any of the long terms plans you are considering at this time, Aries. The overall social and professional landscape shows great opportunity, especially if you enter into every decision as if it could be costlier than you expect. Be prudent and thrifty. Plan now and reap rewards later.


What will catapult you into fame, Taurus? It’s hard to tell as the full range of possibilities is still evolving. What I see is that it takes time and careful consideration for you to place yourself exactly where you want (and deserve) to be in the global community. For now, take baby steps and see how each step moves you forward.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

There will be more than the usual amount of unexpected events circling your life now, Gemini. This should not pull you off your intended path. Rather, all surprises that now occur will help illuminate what you need to do to fulfill your destiny. So take all the breadcrumb clues and bake a delicious direction for yourself.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Relying on certain people – friends, lovers and partners - might make you reconsider a certain current set of relationships. Dynamics have a way of evolving and what you need from others could shift. But use this time to review and assess, Cancer. Hold off on any definitive action as how you relate to others is constantly changing.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Your world continues to expand. How good are you at harnessing that expansion and making it work for you? Stress may occur with those who want you to stay exactly as you are. But as you realize your potential, you may chaff at staying exactly the same. Balance is everything, Leo. Slowly test the waters before you dive in.


Your major creative efforts may be stymied as you recognize that some ideas need more time to germinate. What you see as a worldwide phenomenon may need a waiting period to catch on. You are ahead of the general public, Virgo. Allow the mere mortals surrounding you the patience to see the world as you do. Then take action.


Expect some slow moving changes in family dynamics, Libra. Relationships that once seemed predictable are now more surprising and dynamic. That is good news – sometimes a little shake up is good to clear the dust and get things moving again. For now, carefully survey the landscape and see where your greatest opportunities are.


Your words move mountains now, Scorpio. But before you offer up any strong opinions, check the temperature of the crowd and perhaps hold off a little longer. There are those in your personal sphere who are currently undergoing a seismic change. What they want today could change by tomorrow. Wait and observe.


Sagittarians sometimes have their heads in the clouds as they trip on the sidewalk. There are so many great ideas rolling around in your head that you may get heady. See which ones can really pay off, whether monetarily, socially or creatively. Then carefully curate your moves so that, soon enough, you are where you want to be.


I see your personal transformation, Capricorn. Are you considering changing your “look” or your interests or even your social circle? This process is evolving and you may find that you are changing your mind and assessing the financial impact of your plans as new and enticing options present themselves. Just go with the flow.


There is more to life than the day to day grind. There are so many nice avenues for you to explore that can expand your mind, open yourself up to unexpected possibilities and lead you to a place where you can truly feel in balance. That is a bit of a journey that will take time, Aquarius. Happily you already started that journey.


Unexpected challenges should not dissuade your from your progress, Pisces. In fact, they are useful tools to help you test your communications with friends and any new associates. Allow yourself time to craft your message and measure the response. You may find that you are about to convince the most important people…

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