Lucky Numbers for the Week of September 23, 2022

Horoscope for the Week of September 26, 2022 - Sun in Libra

The Sun enters Libra and brings harmony and grace to all aspects of our lives. Where do you need more balance? Find the method and do the dance.

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There may be something about relationships that has seemed a little askew. But now, Aries, you bring all of your most important connections closer to a new understanding and calm. Enjoy the company of others and see how you can achieve nirvana by just being part of someone else’s life. No one is an island unto themselves.


Taureans who might have been feeling less than peppy may begin to feel fitter and more energetic. Maybe that is because you are mastering the art of health and wellness. Stress reduction is very important and your ability to harness your strength and maximize your efforts produces positive results. Focus and achieve.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Any enjoyable pastime brings added benefits for you, Gemini. See how expansive you can be with your extra-curricular activities. Expand your knowledge base, plan a few parties and delve into the arts in a big way.  You might even try a bit of low risk gambling. But I would rather recommend ramping up the romance and festivities.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Family gatherings bring unexpected harmony and relaxation. Cancers focus more on their home life and how they can make their overall surroundings more comfortable and harmonious in every aspect. Maybe that means a reunion. Maybe that means a renovation. The most important thing is to feel good where you’re living.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Leos give out a big roar and get others to listen. You have found the magic solution to making your ideas heard and felt. So share your carefully crafted opinions and try to bring peace and harmony into not only your social sector, your neighborhood but also the world. Accept feedback and have that factor into your ideas too.


If finances have been tricky and unpredictable, now is the time to hyper focus on what you can do to bring your money situation into greater balance. Virgos are able to find the right advisor for their fiscal needs and can start to really build a solid foundation for the future. Anything is possible if you weigh all of the angles.


You are in the center of the social universe, Libra. Anything you do can draw an appreciative crowd. So prepare yourself to get involved, meet new people and generally make yourself well known. Any projects that you have been working on can now be launched. There are people who can help you along the way. Find them.


There are happy things going on behind-the-scenes for you, Scorpio. Guardian angels are at the ready. What this means is that you can effect positive world change and change the course of events by doing good deeds and find commonality between two very different groups. Send good charitable karma out into the world.


Friends and acquaintances get closer to you more than ever, Sagittarius. That is because you now focus on social activities, group outreach and deeper platonic connection. Your mere presence brings greater harmony and happiness to others. Do what you do best and bring others into your orbit. You are a magnetic force.


Whatever you want to achieve in your career you can achieve, Capricorn. Not only have you been carefully cultivating those with influence and authority, you’ve also done the hard work to bring your efforts to their attention. If you still have a bit more to do in this area, do it now. You are especially charming. Make it work for you.


Explore the world, Aquarius. Your ability to make any travel experience extra special is on high energy. There will be those who just want to travel with you and feel your happy, positive presence. So expand your horizons and bring greater balance into your life while also bringing more harmony into the world. You will refresh.


Pisces feel an extra need to connect on a deeper level with a certain special someone. See who makes you feel special and who provides you with the love you need and deserve. Then make sure that they know how you feel about them. One-to-one connections can be transportive and greatly fulfilling now more than ever.

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