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Horoscope for the Week of September 5, 2022 - Venus in Virgo

Venus enters Virgo and makes our love deeper, stronger and dependable. Who loves you, baby? Find out and make a greater connection.

Julia roberts

(Julia Roberts has Venus in Virgo)








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There is someone who might not be that close to you now, but just wait. They may surprise you by taking on a more intense role in your life. Maybe it is someone at work who begins to take an interest in your welfare. Maybe it is an acquaintance who sparks your attention. Keep your eyes open for wonderful possibilities, Aries.


Whatever fun pastime you focus on now will have a way of evolving into something more passionate and pleasurable than you expect. Tap into your artistic muse and see where it leads, Taurus. Sometimes we are seeking something light and frivolous but sometimes something incredibly passionate takes us to a totally new level.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Plan a few family reunions over the next few weeks, Gemini. They are bound to be fun and will enable you to connect to those with whom you lost touch. There is something warm and magical about rekindling old ties and remembering happy past times. Use this time to make your surroundings more stable and foundational.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Cancers are usually deep thinkers and now, your ability to present facts in a practical manner has never been stronger. Form your personal positions on a variety of subjects and take them to the masses. Not only will you gather a huge following, you attain new levels of achievement. Today the town. Tomorrow the world.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Money can come to you more easily, Leo. But it is not because of luck or foggy good fortune. It will be because you have diligently worked towards it, focusing on doing the right research on investing, savings and strategizing. You can begin to see the pay offs now. And if you are late to start on this, don’t worry. You can start now.


You have never looked lovelier, Virgo. It seems like charm and grace have become your hallmarks. How can you best maximize all of this personal charisma and charm? Try reaching out and expanding your social network by meeting as many new people as possible. Some will be available to help you in a long term project.


There is someone working behind the scenes on your behalf, Libra. Do you need a helping hand in business, friendship or love? Ask the cosmos for guidance. Allow the spirits to assist you in any way that you may need help. In turn, focus more on doing good deeds for others. Any charitable efforts add to your good karma.


Your social life receives a boost. Suddenly there are some new, interesting people circling your orbit and new organizations that you might want to join. Life becomes more fulfilling and connective. But don’t sit at home waiting, Scorpio. Use this time to explore the possibilities. A little effort and outreach will have maximum positive impact.


Whatever you have been working towards professionally begins to gain traction, Sagittarius. Long term plans, projects and personal missions receive a boost and your public face becomes even more powerful and recognizable. There will be new opportunities. See which ones hold the most promise and make it work for you.


If you’re thinking of traveling or otherwise expanding your views and experiences, now is the best time to do that. Capricorns are ready to get out of their hum drum routine. Open yourself up to new ideas and exotic people. Let yourself feel liberated and unencumbered. Life is too short to sit at home and just wait for it to come.


There is something sparkling and fresh about the way you feel, Aquarius. This burst of love, lust, flirtation or whatever you want to call it, gives you a burst of energy and optimism. You can become high on life and ready to tackle any challenge. So why ask why? Follow your heart and your passions to see where it leads you.


Give certain relationships a second look, Pisces. Your ability to reconnect is stronger and successful. There are some situations that need a bit of tender loving care, a warm touch and even a strong embrace. It would be a shame to let some people faze out of your life. You soon know which is which, what is what and who is who.

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