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A great analysis from astrologer Felissa Rose on the upcoming Mercury Retorgrade that starts this week:

Mercury will next go retrograde beginning on Friday,  September 9th at 11:33 pm EDT when Mercury is at 8 degrees 55 minutes in Libra.   It turns direct at 5:33 am EDT on Sunday October 2nd  when Mercury is at 24 degrees 12 minutes of Virgo.   

When a planet is retrograde it seems to be going backwards but it actually  isn’t.   It just appears to be so because of the position of the planet in relationship to the Earth and both their movements around the Sun.  In relationship to human behavior and both worldly and personal happenings, it does slow down the action of the planet.   The planet Mercury rules communication including both how one picks up and disseminates ideas and information.   When retrograde energy tends to internalize the expression of the planet, with Mercury people are more likely to think about and go over ideas before outwardly expressing them.  Many writers are born with Mercury retrograde, often feeling more comfortable writing things down before verbalizing them.

Astrologically Libra is an air sign, one of communication, as well as  the sign of partnership, many seek a partner they can share and express ideas with.  There’s a tendency to  be more introspective while Mercury Is retrograde.   Thoughts often turn to both past events and  to those no longer in one’s life which can help enlighten an understanding in dealing with present relationships.  For as one grows, there’s similarities between those that one used to know and does now.   The difference is that there’s more awareness and as a result more harmony with those you are involved with and care about now.

On September 23rd Mercury retrogrades into nuance connected Virgo.   While Mercury is retrograde there’s more of a likelihood of not paying attention and glazing over important details.  So, take your time and go over whatever you are working on more carefully. The earth sign Virgo tends to focus on practical matters including work and health.   There’s a greater interest in one’s physical being, including exercise and diet but have noticed that there’s an increased  likelihood of making alterations in both areas when Mercury has gone direct and is no longer retrograde.   Paperwork initiated during a retrograde period is more likely to have errors.   If possible, it would be better to submit it after the retrograde is over.

Mercury rules tubes and wires  so both mechanical as well as technological items and areas are more likely to be problematic during a Mercury retrograde period.  Realize there’s always emergencies try to put off purchasing and acquiring new equipment during these times.  Paperwork and contracts are Mercurial, so if you can  try not to sign anything, particularly finalizing what is both important and not so important.

Libra rules the kidney and Virgo the pancreas so pay attention to what you are eating and drinking, which is good to always do but especially during this retrograde.  If possible,  medical or dental checkups should be put off while Mercury is retrograde,  as tests and diagnosis could be unclear.

On October 17 Mercury comes to 8 degrees and 55 minutes of Libra the place it went retrograde.  Things clear up even more, especially odds and ends, when Mercury comes to the place it went retrograde at.    So, while Mercury is retrograde look inside for it’s a time for reflection and insight.

Mercury will next be retrograde from December 29, 2022, until January 18, 2023, and then April 21 until May 14, 2023.


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