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Horoscope for the Week of October 10, 2022 - Pluto Redirects

AspectsPluto, the planet of transformation, redirects this week and sets our course on full speed ahead. Apply all the lessons you have learned and strive for success. If you are expecting a rousing time, just wait! Heh. Heh.

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Whatever you have been striving for will, finally, go in a forward direction. Long term plans suddenly accelerate and the end game comes into focus. There may be some rather large surprises along the way, Aries, but the cosmos tends to deliver what is needed, when it is needed. Hang on tight and prepare to get what you need.


If you have been itching to travel and go beyond your boundaries, it’s now time to get going, Taurus. The open vistas beckon and your ability to capture all that life has to offer is manifesting. The secret to your success is to focus on the essentials and things that really get you out of your usual hum drum routine. Soar and conquer.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Your heart is big, Gemini, and your quest for the perfect love may just reach a personal goal. You sizzle and bloom as you seek your soul mate. Whether that means that you re-capture an old heart, revitalize a current one or find a new one is up to you. I suspect you know what gets you all fired up and happy. Life is too short.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Relationships seem to reach a new level of understanding for you, whether it is for business, pleasure or friendship. The past couple of years might have been stressful and a bit lonely. But you can now seek and gain connection on a meaningful level. All signs point to success, Cancer. Mutual understanding is the first step.  

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

If you have been feeling little pangs, fatigue or other health issues, you can now fully address them. Leos are robust folks and can use this time to fully recharge, find new ways to reduce stress and revitalize any possible dips in activity. You may find that there is a lot to learn about how your body works. Embrace your masterpiece.


Fun things may have been put on the backburner as you needed to attend to more serious stuff. But now, Virgo, you find that life is more than a long slog. In fact, life can become one big festivity. Find ways to enjoy yourself with delightful places, people and projects. There could even be a bit of romance tossed in … who knows?


Small and detailed projects that have been gathering dust on your desk seem to revive and demand attention. This is great for you, Libra. You have been patiently waiting for the right time to move forward. Obstacles are removed. Challenges are successfully addressed and even co-workers are ready to pitch in and help. Whoo hoo!


Your words move mountains, Scorpio. But it might have felt a little out of control recently as your missives went astray. But now what you say is received as exactly as you intend and your ideas are fabulous. Give your opinions room to roam and find new audiences to hear what you have to say. It will be transformative.


You don’t have to count your pennies as often, Sagittarius. Suddenly your fiscal acumen kicks in and you are able to maximize your money … or at least manage it much better. Things are not so unpredictable and opportunities that might have seemed out of reach before are now well within your reach. Seize the day and see the change.


Be yourself, Capricorn. That is your mantra now. If you have been experiencing a phase of self-doubt or any lack of confidence, feel good that those days are over. Go forth and expand your circle. You may find yourself surrounded by new people from very different social sets but your innate confidence will win anyone over.


Any surprises or unexpected occurrences that come your way will be handled well and considered great opportunities for you. Your perception and intuition are finely sharp. See what you can divine. Sometimes it involves charitable efforts. Life can be one big mystery but now you hold the key to enlightenment, Aquarius.


Friendships that might have been problematic or unyielding begin to ease up. Pisces prefer harmonious interactions and now, as you better understand other’s motivations, you can handle yourself expertly, diplomatically and sensitively. You even find that you amass some powerful influence over others. So be kind.

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