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Mars Retrograde

Eminent astrologer Felissa Rose analyzes the upcoming Mars Retrograde:

Approximately every two years the planet Mars goes retrograde.    This next happens on October 30th  at 9:14 am EDT when Mars is at 25 degrees and 36 minutes of Gemini.   It turns direct at 3:54 pm on January 12 with Mars at 8 degrees and 7 minutes of Gemini.  Mars returns to 25 degrees 36 minutes of Gemini on March 15th.

When a planet is retrograde whatever it governs tends to slow down and acts in a more internalized manner.   Mars being the planet of action  moving through Gemini a sign of mental activity and communication, manifests  as a combination of thought and action.   With Mars retrograding through Gemini, people are more likely to think about what they hope to do and act accordingly for as mentioned  it’s a period of reflecting on what one  wants to do as thought combines with action.

Mars as well as ruling movement also governs building and construction.   Usually when a project is either initiated or in the works, it tends to slow down during this retrograde.   If possible, it won’t be a good idea to start a building project while Mars is retrograde, aside from taking longer to get going and finish, there are  often mishaps most often unexpected,  that can put a stop to the actual project.   When I was living in a loft in Soho, my upstairs neighbor began remodeling his kitchen while Mars was retrograde.   He was working away in anticipation of his girlfriend moving in with him.  After he completed the work, his girlfriend told him that she wasn’t going to live with him.  Not long after the building went coop and he couldn’t afford to buy his place and had to move out.

Cutting instruments are ruled by Mars , including knives, blades, razors, scissors, scalpels as well as swords.  While  using any of these (hopefully not swords), be particularly careful so as not to hurt yourself or others.  If possible, avoid elective surgery.   Although most surgical procedures will go as planned, have known of more people who have been disappointed or needed to return for corrected surgery that was initially done when Mars was retrograde. 

Gemini rules the arms, fingers, shoulders and lungs of the body.   Whiles Mars is retrograde areas of the sign that it’s moving through tend to be more sensitive.   With colds, the flu and Covid along with winter weather these areas, most especially the lungs are more subject to inflammation and congestion.  Gemini rules circuits and this includes the nerves in the body.  While retrograde the reaction to the planet in that position and sign it’s moving through tends to be internalized, which with Gemini can increase agitation.  Gemini is a sign of communication so thinking whatever is upsetting one over and discussing it with someone or if possible the one who that  you  have a problem with, it would be helpful to lessen and clear out anxiety and/or distress.    Mars rules anger and as mentioned retrograde energy is internalized.   By not expressing whatever is bothering you the body can be  physically affected.   Have seen someone in a situation where they felt they were upset about something outside of their control while Mars was retrograding in Sagittarius, sign of the leg above the knee and hips.  They developed sciatica when after the individual that created the  problem had ended their visit.  As Mars rules physical energy as well as movement,  often when a difficult situation seems over a physical condition is more likely to erupt as retrograde energy is internalized.   So as mentioned think about what’s happening and express whatever it is.  

As mentioned Mars rules movement.   If you’re planning to initiate a new physical exercise program, it    would be better to wait until Mars goes direct.  There’s likely to be an alteration if started while this planet is retrograde, either  ending the program or switching to something else.  This is even more noticeable when Mars returns to the place it went retrograde at after March 15th. Mars will next be retrograde from December 6th, 2024, until February 25th, 2025, in the signs of Cancer and Leo.  

The sign opposite Gemini is Sagittarius.   It’s important to look at the opposite sign to achieve balance, regardless of what that sign might be.  Gemini rules communication as well as ideas and activities often in the mainstream.   The philosophical sign of Sagittarius  goes beyond present and local issues to how actions are effective on a broader scale as well as in the long run.  So as Mars moves through Gemini communication with action can effectively change the world.


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