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Horoscope for the Week of November 28, 2022 - Jupiter in Pisces Redirects

AspectsJupiter redirects and gives us more lucky opportunities. The secret to success will be to take those opportunities and make them huge successes. The time is now. Go for it.

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Whatever secrets have been swirling behind the scenes or whoever has been plotting behind your back is now exposed. That means you can take action to correct anything that has been vexing you and holding you back from your goals. Be aware of your surroundings, Aries, and use every opportunity to gain advantage. 


Friends not only give you greater support, they also lead you to magnificent and profitable experiences. You have some impressive plans and also have the wherewithal to make anything happen. So embrace your social circle, Taurus, and see who is who, what is what and how to bring everything and everyone all together.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Whatever has been going on in your career that has been holding you back, suddenly gives way and enables you to take huge steps ahead. Whatever big ideas and long term plans you have now may be a great time to launch them. Form your strategy, take a few calculated risks and set your compass to success, Gemini.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

You are ready to make your mark on the world, Cancer. That means that any travel plans you have can easily go forward and any global efforts you want to undertake have an excellent chance of succeeding. The path to greatness is there for you should you decide to take it. Otherwise, just relax and enjoy life with a vacation.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Deep psychological issues seem to solve themselves and pass from your “to-do” list, Leo. The possible tumult of the past is starting to abate. The time to explore more interesting and profound life subjects is there as is the possibility of ramping up the intensity of your love life. All can be even more satisfying. How to choose?


Connection is paramount to you, Virgo. In the recent past, certain relationships might have had their confusing moments or times of stress. It has been hard to figure out others’ motivations. But now it seems as if a cloud has lifted and you can become even closer with others. Enjoy the moments of camaraderie.


If you have been feeling sluggish or low energy, you might feel a surge of oomph and a feeling of strength. That is because certain stressful elements in your life could be passing and ending. Libras need balance and harmony. Now it is much easier to achieve that. Enjoy the mellowness and find ways of prolonging it.


There is now more time to relax and just have fun, Scorpio. It seems that external forces that were designed to pile on the work have now moved on. Great! Tap into your more creative urges and create something beautiful and memorable. You might also find more ways to relax than you first thought. Find a party and hang out.


This week, anything having to do with your home life suddenly seems much more enjoyable to you, Sagittarius. If you are planning any project or reunion, this is the time to get into the planning of it. That means any redecoration, refreshing or even moving. Luck and opportunity both knock. Answer the door of your choice.


As profound and compelling as your speech usually is, Capricorn, you can now really wow the crowd with your opinions and oratory. You have expansive ideas that not only change the landscape but also change minds. This is a rare gift anytime time so think about what you want to say and find the right audience to share it with.


If money has been on your mind recently, you are now ready to successfully make much more of it. Lucky breaks seem to gravitate to you, Aquarius, and your ability to grow a money tree from a small seed is almost guaranteed. So do the necessary research and carefully plot your fiscal ascent. Share it once you’ve got it.


Pisces are in the center of all of the action and love it! Not only do people gravitate into your social orbit, you draw them even closer to your center of gravity. Choose your audience wisely among those who can really help you in the future months. Luck is on your side but a little strategic maneuvering also helps.

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