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Horoscope for the Week of November 7, 2022 - Retro Jupiter and Neptune trine Mercury and Venus

AspectsJust in time for the Midterms, retrograding Jupiter and Neptune trine Mercury and Venus. This cosmic happy rubadub can upend our expectations and make them better than expected. So stay positive and vote!

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Unexpected and totally out of the blue events may, at first, seem a bit unsettling, Aries. The solid ground beneath your feet may shift. But you rebound from your uncertainties very quickly and you know to embrace the randomness of the cosmos in all of its joy and glory. Expand your expectations and be prepared to be amazed.


There will be a need to prioritize the needs of partners and friends now, Taurus. But this is because everyone seems to want a piece of your attention. Your adeptness for giving everyone (including yourself) what they need might even become a festive series of experiences. Mix and match your posse and see what happens.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

While the idea of increased work and career manipulations may not sound like your definition of fun, you can certainly make it into that way now, Gemini. Somehow all of your past thwarted ambitions become genius moves and your ability to schmooze bosses pays off. Make your big move while the door is open.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Life will not be boring, Cancer. In fact, there will be so many fascinating ways for you to explore your world that it may be hard to choose. Might I suggest going with the more frivolous and totally fun options first? There will be plenty of time to delve into more educational and serious subjects later. For now, just enjoy!

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Whatever tensions might have been brewing between someone you deeply care about and your assorted relatives settles down a bit, Leo. You have tried being an intermediary and peacemaker but you can give yourself a well-deserved rest. For some reason things have not only settled down but are even happily peachy.


Sit down and talk to partners, Libra. You create an even stronger and happier connection. Not only do you seem to intuitively know just what to say, you say it with diplomacy and patience. Who know what can happen with your new found skill? Take it to the limit and see how you can expand your sphere of influence. Heh, heh.


If you have been feeling under-compensated and a bit unappreciated on the job, this could be your moment of success, Libra. Find ways to leverage your strengths and magnify your talents. Something may click and the rewards start to come your way. But also see what other opportunities are available to keep your options open.


There is no stopping you, Scorpio. Get out there and see who you can meet and sweep off their feet. You find yourself in the epicenter of fun and can command an appreciative audience for any of your creative ideas and plans. There may be some ideas that seem totally outlandish and unattainable but don’t dismiss anything!


Your intuitive skills hit a high note, Sagittarius. Use them to plan for a happier and more stable home life or inter-family relationships. The secret to success is to view the entire landscape, meditate on the essentials and listen to your inner voice. Staying centered while taking some risks in building for the future is good.


You are filled with great ideas and are willing to share them with whomever, Capricorn. Find your audience. There will be ways to do what you want with friends and within your social circle, which you can expansively imagine, easily afford and greatly enjoy. They say the best things in life are free. Well almost free...


Focus on maximizing your money and earnings capacity, Aquarius. That might mean reappraising and testing your long term goals, honing specific paths you need to take to achieve your specific ideas of success. A practical way of thinking, which may not always come to your easily, now seems to flow effortlessly. Go. For. It.


Don’t be shy. It is time to get in front of the crowd, Pisces, and showcase all of your considerable talents. Your mind is expansive and flexible. You now see many sides of an argument. See what you can do to achieve greater global harmony and happiness. If you can successfully sow the seeds of joy, the cosmos will reward you.

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