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Horoscope for the Week of January 2, 2023 - Uranus Redirects in Taurus

AspectsRetrograde Uranus redirects in the next couple of weeks and makes any surprises more manageable. Expect the unexpected but use it to your advantage.

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If your finances felt a bit uncontrollable recently, at least you can now say that you are not as rattled. You’re learning to pivot and go with the shifting tides, Aries. Your ability to manage even when things feel a bit wild enables you to not only create a firmer foundation for future monetary success but also advise others.


You project a surprising first appearance, Taurus, even if you don’t realize it. Expectations are in for a big reevaluation. While this might have made you feel unsteady in the past, you have enough life lessons here to be able to use it to your advantage, especially in new social circles. Charm them and get them to do your bidding. Heh, heh.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Geminis prefer stability but the past few months might have delivered an earthquake or two when you least expected it. Maybe these events were caused by forces outside of your control and others, not. Happily, now you feel more in control and, while sudden changes might still occur, you can roll with the rock and roll and dance.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Friends can be a source of uncertainty as your expectations may not have been met recently. But, Cancer, you have learned a lot about people and more clearly understand the give and take of certain relationships. Use what you have learned and make your social life as interesting and exciting as you want and deserve.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Your professional path might have shifted dramatically and unexpectedly in the recent past. While it might have felt like a combination of relief and apprehension about the future, it was a necessary readjustment. Prime yourself for more change, but it’s change that you can manage effectively. Get your future in gear.


Has travel been a bit more difficult and full of unanticipated challenges recently, Virgo? If so, chalk any snafus up to fate. Use these experiences as a good life lesson which has sharpened your ability to pivot and be more flexible. In fact, some changes might have led you to places you never thought of seeing. Expand your world.


If your love life has been a bit unpredictable and unsteady, expect to be a bit more in control of things, even as your romantic world keeps delivering surprises. Libras strive for balance but because people can be emotional and passionate, balance may not always be assured. Accept the mysteries of life and enjoy what you can.


The past few months might have seen certain partnerships shift, end or ignite. But whatever you have experienced you can now put to good use even if the ground continues to shift. Find what you value in others, Scorpio, and seek connections that, while they still make be unpredictable, at least deliver you what you need.


Sagittarians pride themselves in being in great shape. But your ability to control your overall vigor levels might have seemed a bit more stressful recently. Put your attention to what needs to be done and you will succeed. But also don’t be surprised if you need to do more than you first expect. Focus on strength and stability.


Fun may have been a bit more complicated than you first thought, Capricorn. What seemed easy to do at first could have resulted in a quagmire. But you have learned a few lessons on party planning and have a greater understanding of how to best pivot when things go awry. Who knows where this will all lead? Maybe a career path?


Family get togethers, especially around holidays and anniversaries, might have delivered some unexpected results in the past. Last minute changes could have put a crimp in your carefully planned itinerary. But you can now rebound more effectively and deal with any surprises with aplomb and grace. It is a valuable attribute.


Even your carefully crafted messages could have been misunderstood in the recent past. This might have caused you stress and uncertainty. But you have learned a few lessons along the way, Pisces. While there still may be some communication snafus in the future, you not only can recoup your position, you could gain followers.

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