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Mercury Retrograde

Astrologer Felissa Rose gives us her insights on the upcoming Mercury Retrograde:

For the final time in 2022 and the first time in 2023, the planet Mercury will be retrograde.   It goes retrograde on December 29 at 4:26 am EST when Mercury is at 24 minutes and 20 seconds of Capricorn.   Mercury turns direct on January 18 at 8:06 am EST with Mercury at 8 degrees and 9 minutes of Capricorn.

Mercury governs communication, which includes the way we think, speak, pick up information.  It’s also influenced by other planets in one’s horoscope as well, particularly if they have an astrological connection to Mercury.   For instance, one who has Mercury placed in Gemini in their horoscope, grasps information quickly.   If Mercury is in the sign of Taurus they can pick the information up but needs time to process and think it over.   This is particularly so if one is born with the planet retrograde at birth.   They are more likely to think things over before verbalizing their thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Contracts and legal agreements fall under Mercury.   So, if negotiating take time to make sure you know exactly what you need and want before signing something.  It would be better to put off the finalizing of agreements, particularly legal ones, until Mercury no longer retrograde.   Often one finds even the slightest detail that was overlooked or left out that, can make things more complicated and difficult.  Capricorn is the sign of structure and organization.   Under that sign one plans and sets things up for the long range.   Invariably if begun and started while Mercury is retrograde, it usually will need to be reassessed and even reworked, as It’s easier to miss details while Mercury is retrograde.   One’s attention is turned inward towards personal things, and though one might get the overall picture one can easily miss an important nuance.   So, take your time going over what you need to and if possible, put off signing or committing yourself until Mercury turns direct.

Capricorn rules the skeletal system, the bones and joints in the body.   This includes teeth and  if you have an annual dental appointment and feel there’s nothing wrong, it would be better to put it off until after Mercury is no longer retrograde.   I have found that despite feeling there’s no problem, the dentist usually finds something, and if he/she works on your teeth, you’re likely to have to return. 

Delays and often do overs take place while Mercury is retrograde.   Take your time in whatever you may be doing for it can save you time in the long run.   Retrograde energy is internalized so thinking about and planning whatever you need or want to do and then putting it out in the world when Mercury has turned direct would work well during the retrograde.   Many writers were born when Mercury was in retrograde.   They feel comfortable going over their thoughts and ideas and then writing them down.   Writing one’s ideas and going over them while this planet is retrograde can eventually work well.  For after Mercury is no longer retrograde try and look over again to both edit, alter and complete one’s writings.

Mercury rules all kinds of circuits, anything from electrical ones to nerves in the body.  When Mercury is making stressful connections in one’s horoscope people often get nervous and worry.  Patience helps bring clarity so try and slow down and relax.   Often during the time Mercury is retrograde there tends to be difficulty both with wires and technological equipment.   If you’re planning to buy a new computer or phone, it probably would be best to put if off until Mercury has gone direct.   Sometimes one can’t wait so make sure you have a good warranty, so whatever was bought can be replaced if not repaired.

Although communications and connections move ahead more quickly after Mercury is no longer retrograde, things clear up even more after Mercury comes to the place it went retrograde at.   Mercury comes to 24 degrees and 20 minutes of Capricorn on Feb 6, 2023.   So, problems and delays that occurred while Mercury was retrograde should be resolved and/or at least clarified even more than after mercury went direct on January 18th.   Mercury goes retrograde three times each year.  In 2023 this happens from April 21 to May 14, August 23 to September 15 and December 13 to January 1, 2024.   It would be good to  take advantage of times when Mercury is retrograde and use the time for introspection and deep insight.




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