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Money treeWorth re-posting to my blog fans: A Forbes article by Lacey Rose and Chaniga Vorasarun on Billionaire Horoscopes


What’s your sign? If you are a Virgo, we’ve got some good news for you. Turns out, more members of the Forbes Billionaires List share your zodiac sign than any other.

That was our finding after trolling through all the birth dates we’ve collected on the world’s wealthiest. So far, we have confirmed the birth dates for 613 of our 793 billionaires. Of those, more than 70, or roughly 12%, were born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22, making this earth sign the most common among billionaires.

It’s a bit ironic that top astrology honors for this male-dominated billionaires list goes to the sign symbolized by a virgin, but it actually isn’t too surprising. Virgos are known to be hardworking, determined, detail-oriented and analytical. They are driven more by their desire to achieve excellence at whatever they do than by the pursuit of riches, according to astrologer Michael Lutin.

These utilitarian types are happiest when they can produce things or services that are useful to others. Two of the richest and best-known American billionaires are both Virgos: Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett, the second-richest person in the world, and Oracle's Larry Ellison.

But don’t fret if you or your children are not Virgos. Forbes found examples of billionaires born under all 12 zodiac signs. Aggressive Aries, who account for 8% of our list, include Microsoft's Steve Ballmer; idealistic Aquarians like Oprah Winfrey also make up 8%. Scorpio has bragging rights as the sign of the world’s richest man, Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

"Scorpios always do well because they use all of their seductive powers to sell. The goal of Scorpio is to make you do what they want you to do, whether you want to do it or not," Lutin says about this sign, known for its passion. "People hate Windows, but they buy it."

The least common sign among billionaires? Sagittarius, which represents just 6% of the world’s wealthiest. Folks born under this sign are sometimes described as unorganized or even sloppy, and more focused on the big picture than on little details. “Counting on their luck and the grace of God, adventurous Sagittarians can act like tourists in the marketplace," explains astrologer David R. Railey. But what they may lack in business acumen, they make up for in creativity. Thus it's no surprise that Sagittarian billionaires includes Hollywood director Steve Spielberg.

Sigh. I am a Sadge. I guess my road to riches will be longer and less rewarding.


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