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Horoscope for the Week of January 16, 2023 - Retrograde Mercury and Mars Redirect

AspectsRetrograde Mercury and retrograde Mars both redirect this week heralding a time of greater clarity, much better communication and successful and focused action. Get your mind and body in gear and start revving your engines!

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Your words better match your actions, Aries. Apply this valuable talent to any of your professional goals and find ways to achieve your long term dreams. Your ability to communication effectively and persuasively can be best applied to those in power who can help you along in your journey. Schmooze your way to the top.


Not only can effectively expand your outlook and world vision, you find ways to profit from this talent in tangible ways. Taureans are very practical. Now you can combine your careful planning with something global. Are you thinking of starting a new business or enterprise? Find ways to leverage your influence so that it pays big.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Geminis are not only ready for a deeper love connection, they find it. Your actions in this area speak volumes and your ability to schmooze anyone you desire is strong and on target. The secret to your eventual success is to be practical in your passions and harness the best of you and others to form the perfect pair.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

There is so much going on behind the scenes that you can be forgiven for becoming a little heady. Your ability to inspire others and intuit what others need will take you far now, Cancer. Form positive partnerships with those who share your love of connection and companionship. These folks are with you for the long term.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Getting involved with a larger group effort not only invigorates you, Leo, it also enables you to better understand yourself and what you need. Friendships play a big role in your life as you energetically pursue a range of interesting people who are doing fascinating things. Life is too short to wait to do something meaningful.


Your ability to combine career objectives with a bit of frivolous fun makes any major project easier and more successful. Allow your imagination to run wild, Virgo, and find ways to construct a support team to make even your loftiest and craziest artistic efforts a possibility. The combination of ambition and inspiration is powerful.


Family will have an especially strong pull for you, Libra. Maybe that is because you are discovering the advantages of having a strong foundational home base from which to explore the vast world. Others in your sphere open your eyes to new possibilities and make your new year filled with adventure, excitement and confidence.


Scorpios have greater clarity of thought. Put it to good use and allow your eloquence to shine though, especially in any vital or important matters.  Your ability to carefully assess any situation and take the right, targeted action is spot on. So don’t wait for opportunities to pass you by. Take an active role in your success.


Money seems to flows freely around you, Sagittarius. For some, it may mean that splurging a bit more than usual. For others, money can be effectively applied to where is it most needed and appreciated. Whatever your circumstances, plan a careful fiscal approach and use it to help those close to you through the new year.


Capricorns feel especially energetic and fit. Use this burst to get into the center of all activity. After careful assessment, make your big move to feed the social frenzy. You never know who you will meet and how much they will factor in your future. For now, pacing is everything and plotting your ultimate strategy is pivotal.


Pulling back and thinking about your personal life philosophy will be especially valuable, Aquarius. Maybe you have been stymied in what you want to achieve. Sometimes self-reflection can get us back on track and lead to amazing people and projects. The world is opening up for you. Find ways to enjoy all aspects of it.


Friends and family come together for you now, Pisces. Find ways to combine both groups and nurture what each can give you. Balance is important and the needs of others will be a factor. 2023 offers new opportunities for connection and reconnection. Stronger bonds can result in taking you to new heights of success.

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