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Horoscope for the Week of January 23, 2023 - Sun enters Aquarius

AspectsThe Sun enters Aquarius this week. Are you feeling the need to help and heal the world? Do you have some great ideas to improve the universe? Now is the time to get started on launching all your hopes with real action.

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Friends factor prominently in your life now, Aries. So find ways of expanding your social pool and explore a range of interesting groups. It may shift your perspective and help to overcome any personal obstacles. A range of different opinions not only reveals opportunities, it also helps you form entirely new ones.


Your career path suddenly gets more juiced and energized with interesting goings on. Taureans with an eye to future success can now stoke their various ambitions and move forward in a very productive and successful direction. Allow yourself to shine around the big bosses. Some will notice and who know where that can go??

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

This is a great time to travel, Gemini. Not only are you much more curious about what the world has to offer, you have an expansive perspective that is ready to receive new information and use any new knowledge to improve your life. The next few weeks can be especially exciting with exotic folks vying for your attention.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Not only are Cancers especially sexy now, they also have greater reserves of zesty energy. Make your deep well of charisma and charm overflow and see how you deepen certain relationships. As things get hot, you can find that there are aspects of your own personality that are surprising and affirming. Be all you can be.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Certain one-to-one relationships are going to feel much more important to you now, Leo. Not only do you realize how important some people are to you, you also discover aspects of the partnership that, with a little extra effort, can take you to new personal heights. Reach out and see who responds. You may be surprised!


Virgos are in their sweet spot. You not only totally immerse yourself in a detailed personal, home or work project, you will also be able to summon many people to gladly help you out. You make a great team leader and accomplish many things now. But also find time to decompress, de-stress and just relax around others. Whew!


Fun is on your agenda, Libra. Find ways to explore subjects that entice your imagination and create a festive environment. Your ability to create something wonderful out of nothing special will serve you well in the coming weeks. The future looks to bring you an expansive view of how you can make life happier overall.


This is a great time to bring family together and make your home life more comfortable and refreshed. Scorpios not only create the perfect dinner party, they also add a certain zest to any drab room. Whatever you do domestically will be done to perfection. So what are your next steps? Entertaining, redecorating or renovating?


You are nurturing some great ideas and have strong opinions on a range of subjects. And now, your eloquence and persuade-ability are unsurpassed. How will you tailor your message for the masses? What can you do to profit from your intelligence? Sagittarians seem to know just what to say to get others to do anything…


Capricorns not only have greater financial acumen, they find ways to share their great insights with others. Spread the word and see how much you can lift up any financial bottom line. This is a great time to do your research, ask astute advice and form your overall plan. The year ahead is primed for your successful progress.


This is your time to shine, Aquarius. The world opens with great possibilities and your ability to take the reins and ride to success is at a high point. The best action you can take is to meet as many new people as possible and roam in new circles of influence. There will be those who can help you attain your deserved greatness.


Your intuition is at an all-time high, Pisces. Use it to predict what you need to do to achieve perfect harmony with the world. Balance comes to you in meditative forms and enables to your take on any and all monumental tasks. Use this time to make your mark on the world and bring greater joy to those around you.

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