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Horoscope for the Week of January 9, 2023 - Venus Enters Aquarius

AspectsVenus enters breezy Aquarius and elevates our love to a higher plane. Seek those who bring you to a new level of emotion and ride the happy breezes.

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Aries not only find much more enjoyment in the company of friends, they can also become much more emotionally attached to certain groups. See how you can get even more involved in productive and supportive efforts that bring folks together and don’t divide. There is a great benefit to enhancing love and understanding.


You feel much more understood in your career now, Taurus. This can be a great relief to you because your long term plans continue to evolve. Find ways to expand the emotional connection to everything you do and the goals you pursue. Ultimately it leads to great personal satisfaction and even greater achievement.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Expansion in any type of form from travel to study will not only deliver valuable experiences, they will also connect with you on a very deep level. Allow yourself to get a bit more emotional, Gemini, and feel more “at one” with the world. Any outreach to those who may be very different from you gives you even great insight.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Cancers usually love large and now your ability to share your deepest passions knows no bounds. Explore your emotional state and see what ultimately gives you greater pleasure and a feeling of security and knowingness. The secret to your success is to dive into the pool of life and see who swims alongside you.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Relationships that operate on a more emotional level will highlight your life now, Leo. Now as we embark on a new year, the ability to form positive and supportive relationships will not only be much more successful but also more important to your well-being. Allow yourself the freedom to really connect and share.


Your work environment can evolve from something formal to more of a happy relaxed group. It could be because you are now able to connect with anyone on a more personal level. Whatever prompts your positive outlook, find even more ways of making your work environment more in synch with where you want to be, Virgo.


The party atmosphere continues, Libra, and your ability to enjoy life is on a happy roll. There will be lots of fun activities to try. Find ways to spread your inspiration and creativity that makes your world brighter and happier. There may be a romance or three in your future. If so, be choosy and discerning but also be kind.


Any family gathering goes much smoother and happier than you expect, Scorpio. That is because everyone is still in a festive mood and your own outlook continues to be optimistic and merry. The idea now is to make your overall home surroundings in greater harmony with what you want and need through the year.


Not only do you seem to know exactly what to say, but you can also say it with diplomacy and flair. You get others to agree with you and gain fans and followers. What a nice position to be in! So share your love-filled opinions and try to make others feel warm and good, Sagittarius. It will pay off in ways that you don’t expect.


Money may seem to come to you more easily now, Capricorn. And yet, you may find that you are spending more based on emotional urges. You want to make others happy. Find the best balance for you between spending and saving. There will be things in the future that you want and I want you to be able to afford it all!


You not only make a big splash around other important people, you also attract a range of interesting social setters. Enjoy being in the epicenter of all of the action. Make your way through the adoring crowd, Aquarius, and use this time to expand your reach and plant a few personal ideas in fertile soil for your future benefit.


No matter what and who is happening behind the scenes, it looks like everything is working for your benefit, Pisces. There are secrets that will be shared and revelations that will emerge over the next few weeks. Embrace all of it and allow the cosmos to guide you to productive, happy and inspirational locales. Get mellow.

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