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Horoscope for the Week of February 20, 2023 - Sun in Pisces

AspectsThe Sun enters Pisces this week making us much more intuitive and creative. Allow your imagination to wander but don’t let it wander too far off course!

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There is a light shining in your most secretive places, Aries. That means that anything that someone tries to keep under wraps and from you will be revealed, enabling you to take the proper action. The news it brings could very well be something that you have long been waiting for. Listen carefully and be open to the possibilities.


Friends are not only a source of fun and inspiration they are also available to help you out in any sticky situation that requires more participation. So, Taurus, embrace your pals and allow others to help you out. You not only get needed help but also give others some happy experiences, satisfaction and overall good feelings.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Whatever you have been striving for in any long term project begins to show some real progress now, Gemini. Take stock of where you are both professionally and personally and  where you want to be. Then reframe your road map, if needed, and pivot to any changing conditions. Before you know it, you get to your goal.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Enrichment is the keyword for you, Cancer. Anything you can do to feel more content and successful should now be explored. Maybe it involves expansive travel to some new and unusual destination or maybe it means a change of routine closer to home. Your path can now be set on drive. Maybe even launch?

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Sexy Leos are in their sweet spot, surrounded by adoring fans and getting all of the attention. Good! It is well deserved and should be enjoyed to the fullest extent. Allow yourself time to explore a range of deep personal topics as your ability to sway others and gain more insider intel is sharp. Start reinventing yourself.


Explore relationships to see how you can give the most into them and get the most out of them, Virgo. There are times where you think about which ones are most successful and happiest for you and which ones need a tweak. Once you decide, ramp them up and see where it can go. Today is the day to cement partnerships.


Libras are especially efficient and proficient. Anything you have your mind set to achieve, you not only achieve but you accomplish it much more easily and successfully. You can invent successful short cuts and find new solutions to old problems. Go for it, especially in any group project or job. You will have ample help.


How many ways can you just kick back and have fun, Scorpio? You find that there are perhaps too many options to explore. Your creativity is high and your inspiration comes from many different sources. Good! You work too hard and need time to relax and refresh. Enjoy companionship, gatherings and any joyful pastime.


This can be a very good time to delve into family history and reach out to relatives who can provide you with some clarity. Sagittarius with a need to better understand family dynamics, the best surroundings and overall sense of security will now be able to improve their domestic situation and discover what makes them tick.


Now is the time to state your case, air your opinions and otherwise express yourself. You are not only especially eloquent and compelling you also offer some pretty good ideas on a range of various subjects. Get yourself noticed and see where it can take you, Capricorn. It can take you farther than you think … or speak!


Money and what it can do for you and those you love becomes easier to attain and retain. Find more time to focus on the bottom line and plan your course of investment action. The opportunity to profit is there for the taking, Aquarius. Actions you soon take helps to insure a cushy retirement … or perhaps an early one.


Everything that you now do gets noticed, Pisces. The attention is focused on you, you, you. So showcase your best assets in the largest possible arena and see who responds. Your ability to charm those in power leads you to some new and very interesting professional opportunities. Long term personal plans get a happy jolt.

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