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Horoscope for the Week of February 27, 2023 - Mercury Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

AspectsMercury conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius making us wiser than usual. We are catapulted to super genius levels as all our life lessons are put to good use. Finally! Use what you know on who you know and see who really knows what’s what.

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Let’s think about all of the ways you can improve and expand your current social set, Aries. You can never have enough friends. Would it make sense to experiment with new meeting places or reach out to others in familiar venues? Past experience will help inform you as to next steps. Then take flight into the friendly possibilities.


Whatever you have struggled to attain on a professional or personal level seems closer to fruition than ever, Taurus. The knowledge you have carefully gathered over time now comes into focus and can be used efficiently. Plan your path and see where you need to pivot based on past experiences. Then make your big move.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Expansion is the keyword, Gemini. You may find that what you need to do to feel at one with the world requires a bit more testing and proving. Good. This is the first big step in your journey to enlightenment. From this point forward you can see the vast horizon full of possibilities. Start your journey while the energy is right.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Finding one’s soul mate is always interesting and full of experimentation, Cancer. Happily now you seem to make good use of all of your past experiences to successfully weigh your level of compatibility with a certain someone. For those seeking new amour, find ways to test any newly formed theory of what makes you happy.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Relationships are always give and take with a dash of diplomacy added into the mix. This is why a careful balance now leads to greater happiness. You have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work for you and can achieve that perfect balance, should you choose to do so. What and who will you choose, Leo?


Virgos may get a burst of strength that not only energizes them but also prepares them for the long haul in any detailed and large project. Monitor your health and see how you can now add to your robust constitution. Past efforts give you the knowledge and your innate common sense helps to bolster any great effort.


Allow yourself the time to relax and just enjoy the time, Libra. Your recent set of activities may have been more stressful than usual but now you know just what you need to do to just kick back, relax and mellow out. Create, decorate and percolate your best inspirations and see where it can take you. Or just party hearty.


Family dynamics are ready for a reappraisal, Scorpio. What do you need to do to feel close and confident in these relationships? I think, deep down, you know just what to do, at what time and with whom. Past experiences have ramped up your ability to assess a situation with wisdom and confidence. Ultimately, do what is right for you.


Sagittarians are particularly eloquent now and capable of getting their opinions across in compelling ways. You are filled with great ideas that demand an audience. Think of what you want to say and who to say it to. Your ability to take your ideas to the outer limits is now unsurpassed. Then think about your next big steps.


Whatever knowledge you have gained through careful (and maybe not so careful) investment strategies, proves to be very valuable in your future financial planning. Use what you know to build wealth, Capricorn and, if you need to, ask expert advice for those foggy fiscal spots. The money seeds you plant now sprouts soon.


Prepare to get into the center of all of the social action, Aquarius. This time around you can use your past experiences to better inform how to better leverage your connections. Introductions that you make now greatly impacts and improves your future personal plans. Influencers give you a hand. So move, groove and schmooze.


Your intuition is telling you what is really going on in certain situations, Pisces. Allow yourself the mental space to feel the ethereal vibes and ascertain the dynamics. But also take a reality check to be sure that you are not off-base. Maintain your wise and careful outlook in your assessments and be the wise sage you were meant to be.

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