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Horoscope for the Week of February 6, 2023 - Mercury Enters Aquarius

AspectsMercury makes its move into Aquarius this week. We are thinking more clearly about what we need to do to correct anything in our life that seems a little off kilter or just wrong. So set your personal table to your taste and feast.

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Think about ways that you can bring disparate sets of friends together, Aries. There are many innovative ways to reduce any tensions and find commonality between two very different groups. Opportunities abound to achieve some great things here with those whose company you enjoy. Get folks together and see how they mix.


Not only is your mind sharp and clever, Taurus, you know just what to say to those in power to get them to do what you want. Plan your line of questioning carefully and set your sights on the big prize, whatever that is to you. This is the time to set your stage for future success… and maybe a bit of prestige to go with it.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

If you have been feeling stuck and hemmed in, try planning some big trips or interesting projects that inspire you. Your mind is active and your imagination is totally sparked. It is time. Get out of your hum drum routines, Gemini. Become inspired and see how expansive the world is and how enlightened you can soon become.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

You have some deep thinking going on, Cancer, which involves huge life issues that needs a bit more planning out before it can be realized. It might also involve those deep emotional connections that impact certain family relationships. Whatever you focus on now, find ways to dissect the issues and the essentials.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Talking out and resolving some sore points with others can put relationships back on track and closer than ever. It may be hard for you to discuss but if you take the time to trouble shoot any possible sticking points you find ways to tackle even the most sensitive subjects. Others listen and respond positively, Leo.


Any detailed project that previously tripped you up will now reveal the necessary steps to a great solution. This comes as you hyper focus on it and ask advice from others. Virgos love to be self-sufficient but if you enlist the help of those with different points of view, you may find that success is closer than you think.


Mine your creativity, Libra. There are many great ideas swirling around your head that it would be a shame to let them evaporate. Find ways to bring people together to just have fun. Life is too short to work all the time or waste moments of true connection. Celebrate your most artistic instincts and create your masterpiece.


Spending more time with family is not only pleasant but can also inspire you to change your personal surroundings in refreshing ways. We sometimes get bogged down doing the same old thing. But you are open to the possibilities now, Scorpio. Refresh anything that doesn’t seem to work for you at home anymore.


Sagittarians have that gift of gab that enables them to get anything from anyone they want. This talent should not be squandered. Use your insightful assessments to gain ground in any one of your most important personal projects. Your ability to assess the important points and the subsequent next steps assures success.


Plan out your financial path, Capricorn, while your capacity for understanding even the most arcane investment steps is strong. The best course of action is to figure out where you want to be and in what time frame. Then do your research and ask advice from a trusted expert. The work you do now will pay off big later.


You have great plans for your future. Think about what you need to do and who you need to meet to get to where you eventually want to go, Aquarius. Your careful, strategic planning and eloquence will have great impact on those around you and can launch you into the A-List of movers and shakers. Very impressive!


If you are feeling especially intuitive and prescient, Pisces, thank the cosmos. Secrets spill out and those who have been working in the background for your protection make themselves known. Your thoughts are clear and your ability to discern any grand master plan places you in a prime position for personal achievement.

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