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Horoscope for the Week of March 13, 2023 - Mercury Enters Pisces and Conjuncts Saturn

AspectsMercury and Saturn enter Pisces and conjunct this week. Life lessons are reviewed and an emotionally satisfying solution can now be reached. Put on your thinking cap today.

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Even though you usually think of yourself as more logical than emotional, this week changes your perspective. Maybe it’s because you feel a bit more intuitive or maybe your level of awareness is reaching a high. Whatever sharpens your knowledge, use it to heal the world around you and spread the good karma, Aries.


Friends are not only there for you, they provide a protective emotional structure around you. Allow others to give you their perspective and use what they tell you to expand your social network. There is nothing you can’t do, Taurus, to strengthen your influence and create a personal circle of pals who lift you to greater heights.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Whatever you need to accomplish professionally, do it now, Gemini. Not only are you more aware of what steps are necessary to excel, you use past experiences to smooth your path. Make yourself more accessible and connect on a more meaningful level with decision makers, movers and shakers. Then shake ‘em all.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

The world opens up for you, Cancer. The possibilities are endless and the opportunities to expand your space are limitless. So what do you want to do to get on a new, more exciting and enriching set of experiences? Think of what inspired you in the past and plan a successful course of action. It may be travel or it may be study.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Leos know how to play the game of love. Your past experiences give you a good road map to amours and deep emotional experiences. Your ability to ascertain true from false is on target. Find your sweet spot and the perfect person. It may be a current romance or a new one. Only you know who is best for you.


The careful balance needed in certain relationships is often a mystery and a lesson of give and take. But you have all of the knowledge to know which ones work and which ones need more work. Go forth and explore the possibilities, Virgo. Connections made now have the ability to last because you know what they need.


Emotionally you may feel more in balance and less stressed, Libra. Your ability to better prioritize any detailed or work project is based on accumulated knowledge over the years and work well for you. Do what you need to do and delegate where you can. Allow yourself the time to decompress and rejuvenate.


Find ways to spark your imagination and do something totally out of the ordinary, Scorpio. Fully express your creativity and see where your various projects can take you. It is so easy to fall into familiar patterns and stick to the tried and true but life is much more than that. Spread your wings and become an artiste.


If your domestic space has been undergoing a bit of an upheaval, embrace the change and make your surroundings more in tune with who you are today, Sagittarius. You know internally that things were getting staid and dusty. Sometime we need a little change-up to see things in a fresh and more pleasantly livable way.


You not only sound wise and knowledgeable, Capricorn, you are also much more compelling and eloquent. What will you do with all of this fabulous energy? Use it to create a base of support for any personal project. Get out there and meet those who can make things happen for you. Then take it to the highest heights.


What do you need to feel secure, Aquarius? I think you know exactly what to do. Find ways to plan for the future that are in sync with where you really want to be long term. Do the necessary research and ask advice from respected and vetted experts. You have accumulated the knowledge and now you put it all into action.


Pisces are ready to make their mark on the world. Your preparation has taken a while and came with a series of life lessons. Good! Now is the time to step into the limelight and gather all of the deserved glory. You know what to do to reach your personal goals and who to reach out to make it all happen. Meet and mix now.

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