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Horoscope for the Week of May 8, 2023 - Venus in Cancer

AspectsLovely Venus enters Cancer and enables us to deeply connect on an emotional level with others. See where you can express your love and, hopefully, capture hearts.

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Aries feel especially close to family members now. You realize the importance of their connection and, when trust is mutual, their ability to give you stability, structure and a sense of security. Enable positive communication where possible and find ways to improve on your overall personal surroundings. Happiness prevails!


You not only become an extraordinary communicator, Taurus, you seem to be able to get to the deep crux of any complicated matter. Love saves the day, as too, your ability to feel the need in others. Use this gift for good and selfless outcomes. The positive energies that you emit now will give you excellent future karma.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Not only are you especially savvy about money matters, Gemini, you can use your fiscal knowledge to help others in meaningful ways. Examine your potential and find the right path to independence. There is nothing that you cannot achieve and no project too big or expensive that you can’t figure out how to do somehow.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

You exude charm and charisma, Cancer. That means that you shouldn’t hide in your shell. You should get out and see who you can meet and greet. Not only do you make a fabulous first impression, you make many more excellent impressions, beyond the first, that follow. That gets you attention and many followers.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

There are forces working for your benefit behind the scenes, Leo. Whatever snafus the fates try to deliver to you, you find successful ways to overcome them and succeed. Allow yourself the opportunity to reach for the stars. There is no goal too lofty that you can’t just try to achieve. In even trying you succeed!


Friends not only give you many happy opportunities to mingle with extraordinary people, they also enable you to build up your confidence and maybe try some leadership roles. Expand your circle, Virgo, and see where you can best fit. In your quest for community, you find some unexpected qualities within yourself.


Any long term goal, whether personal or professional, gets a bit clearer and more achievable now, Libra. It can be the result of your great “charm offensive” where your ability to schmooze others, especially those in power, hits a high note. Plan your ascent carefully and see who you need to connect to and give them a buzz.


Wherever you travel, it will be pleasant and heart-warming now. Allow yourself the time to truly enjoy the journey and the many interesting people you will meet along the way. The idea here, Scorpio, is to expand your outlook and seek new perspectives on some pressing issues. The more you experience, the more you will know.


Sagittarians are feeling especially frisky and why not? Your ability to attract anyone you want is hitting a high note and your charisma is overflowing. How can you best manifest this wonderful energy to help you cement romantic relationships for the long term? The answer is to allow the fates to lead you along, but also be choosy.


There will be many opportunities to connect to others on a more meaningful level, Capricorn. This means that if you can focus on those partnerships that give you the most satisfaction, your efforts to improve them even more will be successful. It will also be an opportune time to make new contacts and see how you can grow.


Anything that requires greater concentration feels easier and is more successful, Aquarius. Your ability to enlist help, especially from work colleagues has great results. Tackle projects that have been sitting around gathering dust. See where you need to apply your own special brand of charm and aptitude and go for it.


Pisces just want to have fun! And they will. Allow your creativity to flow and see where you can beautify your life. You can also plan and execute some fabulous events and parties now. It is time to relax, de-stress and see how artistic you can be. The results will not only lift your spirits but all of the people around you.

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