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Horoscope for the Week of June 19, 2023 - Saturn Retrogrades in Pisces

AspectsDid we learn our lessons the first time around? If not, as Saturn retrogrades in Pisces, we will have the opportunity to learn them again… but this time with greater perspective and insight.

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So many things may be hidden from you, Aries. But that doesn’t mean that they will trip you up. What might very well happen is that you have seen this manifestation before and now have the tools and insights to handle it more expertly. Take things as they come and be flexible enough to change your course or your reactions.


Whatever you need from friendships and whoever you need around you may go under a reappraisal at this time, Taurus. That is because you may be in the process of evolving from a long held opinion to another, new one based on new information. See where all of this insight takes you. You may even have a detour along the way.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

There will be times in the next weeks that you feel the need to reassess your career progress. You might have experienced some professional life lessons recently, Gemini, and they have been instructive, giving you the insight and pluck to overcome anything the big bosses dole out. Don’t take drastic action yet, but plot your next steps.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

If you feel hemmed in and unable to feel free, try unusual or exotic outlets that spark your imagination, Cancer. The feeling of ennui will take some time to evaporate. Travel may not be possible now – it may be too expensive or too difficult to find the time. It is all the better to experiment with new stimuli closer to home.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

However you express deep emotions, there has been something unpredictable about others’ reactions to them. This may continue, Leo, but this experience provides you with a clear look at what and who you need to feel completely fulfilled. You deserve loyalty and love. If you have it, nurture it. If you seek it, build the parameters.


There may be some bumps and grinds with certain relationships. Some could be predicted and others might take you by surprise. But don’t stress over any of this, Virgo. Let’s call it natural growing pains as you realize that you are expanding and evolving and those with whom you connect need to better adapt to your needs.


How fit do you feel Libra? If you feel unusually tired, chalk it up to past stressful over-doing and find ways to lower the temperature. You find that you have much more to do than expected with projects that require greater concentration and focus with not enough time to really dissect. Just take it all one step at a time.


There are times to party, Scorpio, and there are times to explore what gives your imagination zing. Whatever you are conjuring and how you spend time with certain pastimes, keep doing it even if there are some detours on your path to inspiration. Feel good knowing that it eventually leads you to the right creative head space.


Family and domestic considerations figure prominently in your life over the next weeks, Sagittarius. It may be that ongoing issues take a turn and need to be addressed. This is all for the good since allowing a situation to continue along a path may not solve it. Consider various options and approaches to get what you want here.


You have quite a few things on your mind and quite a few strong opinions to share, Capricorn. But before you express yourself, take the extra time to consider not only your message but also your delivery. Different people react differently so hone your speech to best fit your intended audience. You will then rule.


Some stress about finances may occur over the next weeks, Aquarius, but think of this as a great time for a reappraisal and a time for some testing as to the best fiscal path forward. Mitigate your overall risk and find ways to secure your money. You find that an extra dose of caution helps you to achieve long term comfort.


This is a time of reappraisal as to how you greet the world, Pisces. First impressions can become lasting ones so put your best foot forward and be cognizant of all social signals. You will know exactly what to do to get yourself placed in the right direction with the right people. Now you just have to craft your personal message.

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