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Horoscope for the Week of June 26, 2023 - Sun in Cancer

AspectsThe Sun enters Cancer and makes us generally more emotional and nurturing. See where you can spread the love and make any situation warmer and closer.

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Family figures prominently in your life now, Aries. There will be times where the emotional level runs high but in a happy way. This also goes for your overall home environment where the warmer the décor, the happier you are. Draw others close and find more ways to make them feel even better. You will feel even better too.


You know how to make others feel happier and more secure, Taurus. Find more time to reach out to those who need a hug or an encouraging word. You become the sought after sympathetic figure who can cure all sadness with just your presence. Spread the warmth and see how your own personality heats up the scene.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Your money can be used to give you greater comfort and security. You might also consider using some your money to give greater comfort and security to others. There are those who need your help and, if you can afford it, try to help them along. This pays you dividends in the future. So, if you can, pay it forward, Gemini.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

You are in your glory, Cancer. Not only are you the center of attention in the most exclusive circles, you make great inroads in any personal project you want. The crucial thing now is to decide what you want to achieve, who are the best people to help you and how to get it all launched and going. You will figure all that out.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Hidden things might have tripped you up in the past but now you seem to have developed an intuitive sense of what to do and when to do it. Go for it, Leo. Show the world how adept you are at navigating into the unknown. By doing so, you attain greater self-knowledge that you use to make your world a better place.


Friendships mean even more to you now, Virgo. Find more and more ways to reach out to others and expand your social circle. You become the center of the activity as your warmth and consideration for others attracts a crowd. What will you do with all of this opportunity? Use it to build a community and maybe a nation.


Your career path never looked as bright and optimistic as it does now, Libra. The opportunities are endless. Use your innate capabilities to better navigate all of the corporate politics to help you succeed and attain.  Schmooze with the bosses and also connect with coworkers. Plan your path while your charisma is sharp.


If you decide to travel now, Scorpio, be sure to choose destinations that offer you greater comfort and emotional connection. You may feel the need to visit old friends or family or enjoy a luxurious and restful spa retreat. Whatever recharges you and makes you feel loved and rested will be the cure for whatever ails you.


Even carefree Sagittarians love deeply and meaningfully now. Your capacity for emotion expands and makes you feel more at one with the world. Allow yourself some freedom to express this passion and reach out to those who can most benefit for this energy in you. Who knows what can develop with all this intensity?


Gather all of your more important relationships together and find more ways to make them even stronger, Capricorn. No matter whether for love, friendship or business, you are able to make others feel loved, nurtured and more confident. Creating a greater connection increases mutual loyalty and identification.


Whatever you need to do or accomplish, Aquarius, you will not do it alone. Suddenly it seems everyone around you wants to get involved and help you out. Great! Prioritize all of your projects and find those who can help finish them off. You not only feel a greater sense of personal accomplishment, you also feel more energized.


Whatever you want to do to relax and just have fun, do it, Pisces. Your ability to find the personal satisfaction coupled with a group effort will serve you and others very well. All of you are in need of mutual nurturing and care. So spread the joy. Spread the love. Spread the wild creatively beautiful experiences now.

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