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Horoscope for the Week of August 28, 2023 - Mercury Retrogrades in Virgo

AspectsMercury retrogrades in Virgo this week causing some miscommunication and missed messages. Be sure to check the directions and then … recheck them!

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Details may elude you, Aries, or maybe you have misheard what others are saying. Whatever gets you on a strange detour, allow yourself some time to stop, think about it and readjust what you are doing. There is ample time to pivot … or your mind. Be sure that you have all the facts and even then, sit and contemplate.


Are you finding that your social calendar is heating up with a few too many invitations? Lucky you, Taurus. But be sure that you are able to keep track of all of the details - the who, what, where and when. You could miss a fabulous time or overbook with too many great choices. I guess there can be worse situations.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Whatever you have on your plate for home improvements, be sure that you understand all of the directions and that you are not leaving anything out. You may have some miscommunication that delays a project or sets it off course. You have some great ideas, Gemini. Allow yourself the time to fully understand all it entails.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

You think that you are being clear and concise in your communication, Cancer, but it may be that your message is not getting through. Others can be confused or believe that they are hearing something different. Take a deep breath and ask for feedback with any important communication. Even then, maintain your humor.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

If you are entering into anything financial, especially something intricate, give yourself plenty of time to fully understand what is going on. You could hear one thing when it means another. You may not see the fine print in any agreement. Just proceed carefully and deliberately. Ask questions and write down the answers, Leo.


You make an interesting first impression, Virgo and have the ability to schmooze others. Be sure to tone your message to the right audience. Avoid any miscommunication by taking your time in conversations and listening extra carefully to responses. Also check and confirm any important meetings that you don’t want to miss.


Your usual ability to discern what others are really thinking needs careful readjustment, Libra. What you think you see and hear may not be accurate. But don’t worry. This is a passing phase and shouldn’t impact any of your current plans. My advice is to pull back and find ways to just mellow out and meditate.


Expect some off-and-on miscommunication among friends now, Scorpio. Dates that are set and plans that are made could be confusing and may need to be readjusted. Find ways to not stress over any social situation that goes a bit off course. All these snafus are temporary and some may even be amusing or illuminating.


Whatever long terms plans that you have made and may be counting on, might need a readjustment now, Sagittarius. That is because items that you thought we solid begin to shift and itineraries may need to change with the times. This is all good. Sometimes we need a reappraisal and a tune up so we can go even further.


Check your travel plans at least twice, Capricorn. Luggage can be lost, transportation might be delayed, companions can be flaky and items that you thought you packed, you didn’t. Oh well, this all just adds up to the adventure and the excitement. You never know what can happen when you leave yourself open to all of the possibilities.


As sexy as you are, Aquarius, are you giving off the intended signals now? Check yourself out in the mirror and see if the impression you give is one that you want to give. There could be a bit of confusion here. You never know what can happen to an errant love message. Be sure you have delivered it to the right person!


Any type of gatherings or meetings could create confusion or fall off someone’s calendar, Pisces. So try to be very patient with others and expect some miscommunication in any relationship or partnership. The best advice I can give you is to maintain your cool sense of humor and prepare for something or someone out of the blue.

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