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Mercury retrograde2Eminent astrologer Felissa Rose shares her thoughts on the current Mercury retrograde:


The planet Mercury goes retrograde approximately three times every year.   Approximate, relates to an additional time when the planet goes retrograde in one year and out of it in the following one.   This last happened in December 2022  when Mercury went  retrograde late In the month  until it went direct in mid-January 2023.   There will be a similar occurrence this coming December, but this time Mercury will go direct on New Years Day.  

Mercury will next go retrograde on Weds August 23rd at 3:54 pm EDT at 21 degrees 49 minutes of Virgo and direct on September 15th at 4:16 pm EDT at 8 degrees and 3 minutes of Virgo.   During the entire time Mercury will be retrograde it will be moving through the sign of Virgo.   Retrograde energy is internalized, one that encourages reflection.   Decision making takes more time as there’s a tendency to go over things.   Virgo is a sign of details and on one hand it’s easier to miss nuances during the period when Mercury is retrograde, but hopefully being in the sign of Virgo should help to go over things more slowly and carefully.  

Right before Mercury goes retrograde there’s often a feeling of urgency to get things done, especially what has been put off for a while and needs to be completed.   This also occurs at the time when Mercury is going direct.  Ruling communications and information this can particularly relate to paperwork. 

When a planet moves through an astrological sign it puts a focus on the part of the body that the sign rules.   Virgo rules the pancreas which controls the balance of blood sugar in one’s body.    Many people who were born with Mars in Virgo as well as Mercury, which rules irritation and coupled with Pluto inflammation, develop diabetes which can be put off by one’s diet.  I know of individuals who were diagnosed early with diabetes who changed what they ate and no longer had diabetes.   Whether one is prone to getting this illness or not it would be a good idea to pay attention to what one eats and minimize sugar as well as carbohydrates which easily turn into sugar.  

Virgo also rules one’s health habits and when planets move through a sign there’s an increased interest in whatever the sign rules.   Diet and exercise are important for one’s health and viability.  As mentioned Mercury rules information and as people tend to look inward during a retrograde, interest in seeing how certain foods affect one’s health can increase during this transit.    Awareness of new exercise routines can begin during the retrograde but it’s likely to change when Mercury goes direct.   Unless there’s an emergency it’s best to avoid seeing a doctor or dentist during the retrograde.   For things can be either missed or results unclear.  

When Mercury, ruler of thought and communications is retrograde, delays in both connecting with others and decision making are more than likely.  As mentioned retrograde energy is internalized, some of the best writers were born while Mercury was retrograde.   It’s a good time to both write down your ideas and proposals and go over them and express them when Mercury has gone direct. 


During the time Mercury is in retrograde there’s a tendency to be less focused.  Retrograde or not thinking before speaking is a good thing to do most of the time.  With  that in mind,  it will be interesting as politicians work for a bigger role in the 2024 elections to see what  comes out of their mouths.   Although since most of us aren’t politicians it’s a good idea not to jump to conclusions because of what someone said.   One’s behavior and actions are what really show us what people  are about. 

Mercury rules circuits and wiring and complications are more likely to occur during this retrograde.   With Virgo ruling nuances there can be increased difficulty in both discovering and resolving the problems with these often overlooked but problematic details.   If possible avoid buying phones, computers, televisions, audio equipment when this planet is retrograde.   If you must make sure you have a good warranty and can return or exchange whatever you purchase.   And if you can avoid signing contracts, there’s often details overlooked while Mercury is retrograde.  If you can it would be better to put off beginning a new job when Mercury is in retrograde.   Have seen people who have done so and found that the job wasn’t what they were told it would be.   Most left and moved to a new position. 

Mercury will go direct om September 15 so there can be more clarity and better connections after that date.   On September 29th Mercury comes to 21 degrees of Virgo, the degree it went retrograde.   This will make things even clearer and increase the understanding of whatever misinformation or occurrences took place during the retrograde.

Mercury will next be retrograde from December 13, 2023, to January 1, 2024.   Keep that in mind when buying mechanical equipment  as holiday gifts during that time.   The retrograde period is a good time to reflect on decisions and events that have occurred in your life.   For even mistakes show us what we need to learn.



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