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Horoscope for the Week of November 27, 2023 - Mars Squares Saturn

AspectsMars squares Saturn which can lead us into purposeful actions. The secret to your success is to focus on your mission and, with prior strategic planning, move decidedly ahead.

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There could be some event that occurs now that seems to light a fuse and moves you into action, Aries. If so, it has the potential to expand globally or have some impact beyond your initial plans. So plan for this in a way that increases your world view, focuses your unique perspective and achieves greater insight and balance.


Find ways to strike a balance between friendships and love, Taurus. Maybe this phase deepens your connection on a more platonic level or maybe it means that your emotions need to find a way to solidify a certain love relationship. Whatever draws you to another, work towards achieving a depth of feeling to give you purpose.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

A balance needs to be achieved between your career and current partnerships, Gemini. Sometimes the demand of one outweighs the other and sometimes you will be required to make a choice based on your own interests. Whatever you decide, know that it will be right for you and your future plans. Be diplomatic.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Cancers have more opportunity to address their need to learn, expand and experience the world but also find balance in what they can really achieve here considering their energy level. Pacing will be everything in the next weeks. See what you can reasonably expect to achieve and make your goals attainable.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Fun and games take on a great intensity and purpose as you find that even the most serious of life’s issues can have moments of lightness. Take everything in stride, Leo, and don’t let yourself be “killed by a thousand paper cuts.”  Look at situations from many angles. It could be that the best solutions are not the most complex.


Balance between partnerships and deep familial history take on more of your attention this week, Virgo. That means that what you now learn from your family dynamics plays a greater role in how you navigate certain relationships. Knowledge is power and your ability to harness that power will serve you well in the future.


Find more ways to speak up for yourself, Libra, especially as it pertains to your workload. It is great to be given more responsibility but there has to be a distinct benefit for you. Don’t be taken advantage of. Happily, if you give it some considered thought, you find the right path to less stress and a happier result. Think first, act second.


You need to find greater balance between what you enjoy doing and how much that enjoyment will cost you. Some hobbies or pastimes may not be worth the expense. Others may not be worth the time. What are you seeking here, Scorpio? Sit back, consider your options and make some practical choices. I know you can do it.


You are in the center stage, Sagittarius. How can you navigate family concerns with your need to achieve and grow? This is the question that will need to be addressed before other projects can be started. Your ability to balance many things all at once gives you greater purpose and also enables you to spark many achievements.


Talking about your feelings can gain you admirers but what you say and how you say it also leads you to reconsider your previous views and revise them. Touchy feely ideas may not be practical but considering them in whatever you do gives you gravitas. Find the karma in every conversation and get your ideas out, Capricorn.


Greater group goals have to be navigated carefully, Aquarius. Your need to push your interests and a certain project forward requires an expert and careful hand. Getting others to consider your side of the argument requires patience and some diplomatic skills. You have them. Now hone them, use them and get your mojo.


Pisces need to find greater balance between what they really want out of life and the professional track they are currently on. Good timing enables you to pivot onto the right path. But what is the right path for you? Ah, that is the big question. Give it time but focus on your deeper needs. Maybe a compromise is needed?

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