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Horoscope for the Week of March 25, 2024 - Mars Enters Pisces

AspectsMars enters Pisces and makes our actions more emotionally motivated. Allow your heart to rule your head but take actions based on verifiable facts.

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Your ability to discern the hidden motivations of others is spot on now, Aries. That means that you can take a measured action where you “feel” it rather than actually “see” it. What I suggest though is that you find ways to confirm your gut feelings. This will not be difficult to do as long as you exert a little extra patience.  


Your social life ramps up as things may feel a bit out of control with all of the enticing invitations that come your way. It is an enviable situation to be in, Taurus! Find ways to enjoy as many social interactions as possible to expand your social circle. There are wonderful opportunities that should not be missed.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

The road of opportunity opens up before you, Gemini. It’s time to consider all of your options and decide on the one that gives you inner satisfaction as well as monetary benefit and accomplishment. Your ability to discern all of the angles enables you to go forward with the confidence of knowing that you will win big.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Travel figures prominently, Cancer. Whatever adventure you choose has both an emotional as well as a physical benefit. You learn a lot at this time and can use that knowledge in a variety of ways.  Re-examine all external forces with a refreshed and unique eye. It leads to great new solutions to old vexing problems.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

You are hot, hot, hot, Leo, and full of animal magnetism. What will you do with all of this attractive and sensual energy? Find ways to make others feel wanted and adored. They return the warm embrace. But also use this time to reassess who and what makes you really happy. Explore your deep feelings and find the answers.


Focus on all types of relationships and see where they work and don’t work for you. You may find yourself more emotionally involved, Virgo, and that can lead to new revelations in how you best interact with others. This is also a good time to explore new partnerships, especially with those who are “on your wavelength.”


You may feel more robust and emotionally in balance now, Libra. This allows you to pursue a variety of healthful options that will give you not only physical benefits but also great wellness and life balance benefits. Explore new avenues of happiness and clear your life of all of the dusty details that never seem to get done.


Not only do you find more ways to just have fun, you also get much more emotionally involved in a light flirtation. Life takes on a whole new hue, Scorpio. Free yourself from restrictions and allow yourself the opportunity to grow in a happy healthy way. Explore your more creative side and see what masterpieces emerge.


You better connect with family now, Sagittarius, perhaps reaching a new level of understanding and happiness. Find connection points and see where you can make an otherwise awkward or uncomfortable situation into one that is fulfilling and nurturing. Remember that anything is possible to a willing heart.


Your communication skills become stronger and more compelling, Capricorn. Find your voice and express your opinions. You find that your words carry weight and can convince others. This powerful energy can be used in a variety of ways. I suggest you use it for projects that benefit your future and give you stability.


You may be tempted to spend based on emotional feelings, Aquarius. As long as you can afford to treat yourself and others, this method can help fortify connections with those who you feel especially close to. It may not be necessary, however. Also know that often the best things in life are free. You don’t need to spend big to feel big.


Not only are you in the center of the social universe, you command the stage in a variety of ways. You seem to know what to do and say that really connects with others and can bend social opinion to your way. Use this gift, Pisces and find more ways to heal the world and make life more in harmony with who you really are.

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