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SolsticeA great overview of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde coming up in April 2024 by eminent astrologer Felissa Rose:

Each  year Mercury goes retrograde  three times.   Some years the retrograde begins in December of the previous year and ends in January of the next one.   This last occurred in December 2023 ending in January 2024.   It won’t happen again this year.   The retrograde is an optical illusion caused by differences in orbit with Mercury appearing to go backwards from the earth but it’s an optical illusion caused by differences in orbit.   These differences create  a situation named Mercury retrograde.

Monday April 1st begins with Mercury going retrograde at 27 degrees and 10 minutes of Aries at 6:16 pm EDT.   The retrograde is over when Mercury turns direct on Thursday April 25th  at 8:55 am EDT with Mercury  at 15 degrees and 59 minutes of Aries.      People who have Mercury in Aries in their natal horoscope tend to grasp things quickly.   Often they can be impatient with those who don’t.   Retrograde energy is more likely to be internalized and those with this placement would benefit by thinking  over both their perceptions and thoughts  before expressing or acting on them.

While Mercury is in retrograde connections and communications more frequently can get delayed.   Mercury rules both the body’s nervous system as well as wires and technological networks.   There’s more confusion as people are not as clear in both thinking and understanding.  This lack of clarity also relates to medical diagnosis and treatment.   It would be better to put off non-essential care such as a check-up or optional procedures.    Most things tend to go well but there are more mishaps, and errors during the time Mercury is in retrograde.  Of course, it’s essential to have emergency treatment and if you can, best to follow it up when Mercury is no longer retrograde.   Know of one woman who broke her leg when Mercury was in retrograde and after it was treated in the emergency room she discovered that she was allergic to the bandages which needed to be replaced.

Along with Taurus, Aries rules the brain and the head.   There’s likely to be more of an allergic response to plants and pollen as retrograde energy is internalized.    Being less focused occurs more frequently while the planet Mercury is retrograde.   So put off signing documents or making long-term commitments as there’s a greater chance of missing things.   If you need to sign something review what it is very carefully making notes on whatever changes need to be made.  Continued negotiations, which was begun before the planet went retrograde is fine but try and put off committing to a new space or starting/opening a business. 

Retrograde energy is favorable for introspection, going over one’s plans, hopes and dreams.   Some of the best writers were born with Mercury retrograde and writing down and reviewing what was written  should be helpful.   Thinking and turning inward during this time can be both calming and revealing.    As Aries is the sign of movement, practices such as yoga, tai chi as well as the martial arts can be both stimulating and inspiring.

Mercury turns direct on April 25th when there’s often a worldly wake up call when actions tend to create better results.   But when it returns to the degree that it went retrograde at, 27 degrees of Aries,  on May 13-14, things move ahead even more quickly clearing up even more.   So, if you need to purchase your computer or phone wait until  Mercury goes direct but it’s even better to wait to when it comes to the retrograde point,  .  So, during the retrograde, review, revisit and release.


This year Mercury will again be retrograde from August 4 – 5  to August 28th and November 25th until December 15th.


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