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Horoscope for the Week of April 22, 2024 - Saturn Conjuncts Mars

AspectsMars conjuncts Saturn and propels our actions into overdrive with unanticipated results. Know what you want to do but give yourself time to plan it all out.

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You think you know exactly what is going on but before you take action, give yourself extra time to assess a situation. Things are evolving, Aries. You don’t want to waste your efforts chasing shadows. Be wise and observant. You’ll know exactly what to do at the right time and your precision and acumen will be perfect.


Many social situations may now require a bit of diplomatic maneuvering, Taurus. Friends may be making too many demands or your schedule could fill up with too many great options. Whatever happens, find the time to sit back and assess all of the wonderful choices. Jumping into one thing precludes you from another.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Any major action in your career could set you off into an entirely new direction. Maybe this is something expected and desired but maybe it takes you off-track. Scan the landscape of your professional path, Gemini, and see if you can formulation a carefully crafted advancement plan. When in doubt, take a short vacation.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

The need to expand and deepen your well of knowledge becomes too tempting now, Cancer. Don’t allow yourself to get bored. Find ways of feeding your imagination and sense of adventure. That may mean travel or it may mean advanced study. Whatever and wherever your mind takes you, regenerate and take it all in.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Affairs of the heart take precedence over others things, Leo. That means that you love large and feel deeply. But will you allow your passions to overtake your better judgment? Find your route to happiness by harnessing your emotions and seek to find greater meaning in every encounter. You may be surprised at the results.


Allow yourself some flexibility in certain relationships, Virgo. That is because past history plays a big part in how you’re interacting at this time. Consider how the past informs the present and have this hard earned knowledge work to your advantage. You are better able to wheel and deal, ultimately gaining positive results.


Do you feel more tired than usual, Libra? Find ways to conserve your energies and relax. The impulse is to drive forward no matter what. But now, taking a well-deserved rest not only gives you greater stamina, it also gives you time to think and strategize. The result will be greater accomplishment and satisfaction.


Your imagination goes into overdrive, Scorpio. You are bursting with great creative ideas and the energy to bring people together for a festive time. This is great. But be sure that you don’t over-extend and waste precious resources. Learn from the past. Delegate where you can and enjoy quieter pleasures as you proceed.


Family may make more demands on you than you can reasonably handle, Sagittarius. But that doesn’t mean that you should pull back and do nothing. It can mean that these obligations need to be reassessed and made more manageable. In fact, there may be issues that don’t even have to be handled now. Step back and observe.


You have a wealth of wisdom waiting to be tapped, Capricorn. It’s time to make use of all of the “life lessons” you gained over the years and put them to good use in your communication. You are especially eloquent and diplomatic now. Get your message across and gather your followers. Who knows where this can lead?


Whatever objects of value you want you can acquire. The question is, what do you really value and what do you really want? Use your past experience as your guide as to what really brought you joy. As you consider the options, Aquarius, remember that the best things in life may actually be free … or at least not terribly expensive.


Your ability to wow a crowd hits a high note, Pisces. That means that as you meet and greet, your ability to make a powerful impression can launch you into some rarified social circles. See where you want to go and who you need to get you there and start your journey. The ultimate destination may still be unfolding.

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