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Horoscope for the Week of April 8, 2024 - Venus Enters Aries

AspectsVenus enters Aries and pumps up our hearts to give and receive all of the love we can. Put your feelings front and center and see how you can emotionally float on air.

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People seem to adore you, Aries. You possess an extra amount of charisma and can make an excellent and charming first impression. Expand your social circle into a globe and see who you can bring into your orbit. Those who you meet now may be in a position to help you in the future. Take in all of this love and reciprocate.


Any charitable efforts that you undertake right now have even greater impact than you first expect. That is because your innate magnetism brings in so many new helpers and touches so many more people in need. Allow yourself the time and space to make a difference in this world, Taurus. We can certainly use your help!

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Even if you feel a little shy, Gemini, it is a great time to see who is out there for a connection. Gather your various groups together and find ways of moving all of the forces in your direction for the betterment of all involved. Your thirst for knowledge, new experiences and novelty can be quenched in the correct crowd.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Looking ahead and seeing what the future holds for you is always a good strategic idea, Cancer. Now, as the path reveals itself before you, you are struck by how many great choices there are. The challenge now is to make a decision to go in one direction or another. Take in all of the possibilities and see how far and high you can go.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Expansion is the word of the day, Leo. Find ways to explore your world and see if you can gain new insights and perspectives. You not only find yourself in engaging and fascinating company, you might also change your mind about a certain subject or person. What delicacies await as you open yourself up to possibilities?


You feel more deeply than usual, Virgo, and have greater insight into what makes you tick. Find ways to delve more deeply into your psyche and discover solutions to any long term challenges and obstacles. This can lead to greater long term happiness and fulfillment. There’s nothing you cannot achieve if you put your mind into it.


Following your heart leads you to greater understanding with those who may have very different perspectives from you. Diplomacy is your strong suit, Libra. Use it to create stronger and more far reaching connections with a range of individuals. Your ability to speak passionately will resonate and give you greater power.


Clear your desk of a range of things to do. Allow yourself the time to concentrate and focus on a particularly detailed project, Scorpio. Nothing needs to be rushed and your intensity helps you avoid mistakes and wasted time on tangents. There is progress to be made and accomplishments to be celebrated.


Your imagination runs wild, Sagittarius. What is it that sparks you? What makes you feel more alive? Mine those thoughts and take them to the next logical step. Bring more pleasure into your life and enjoy the company of others as you expand yourself. Spring is here and it is a time of rebirth and fresh growth as it is also for you.


There are many things that you can do to bring family members together. Think of happy occasions and projects that build comradeship. A meeting of the minds strengthens emotional bonds and gives everyone involved a sense of commitment. Also explore genealogy – you never know what and who you will discover, Capricorn!


Kindness takes you far, Aquarius. Spread your joy and find more ways to emotionally connect with others. It can be a launch pad for your opinions and lead you to new avenues of influence. But the main thing is to be compassionate and understanding of others’ perspectives. Greater connection begins with listening.


Whatever you value may come in for a reassessment, Pisces. That is because you now take a more emotional view of what you need to do to feel happy and secure. Carefully examine all of the possibilities and ask sage advice from the experts. There is time to make a decision but in the meantime, do your research.

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