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Lucky Numbers for the Week of April 26, 2024

The Significance and Importance of Lucky Numbers

Here is a guest contributor article by Melinda Smith on the importance of lucky numbers:

Number 13











Figure 1 Luck or unlucky - depending on where you live

Although detractors would say that lucky numbers are just a figment of the imagination and something that is attributed after the effect, for many they massively impact lives and may even lead us in a particular direction. Millions of people obviously around the world place a huge deal of importance on lucky numbers.
If you were looking for a sportsbook at VegasBetting.com it is because you wish to gamble. Many times bettors use lucky numbers in order to make selections or play lottery games. But lucky numbers can also be used in a much more everyday way, for choosing which house to live in, for example.
As much as non-believers would disregard any decisions based on lucky numbers, they are obviously hugely important for many people. They are something that can be found in all cultures throughout history and still play a major role in people’s lives today.
Lucky Numbers are Universal
There are certain countries that are more associated with lucky numbers. But the fact is that the presence of lucky numbers can be found all over the world – and often the numbers themselves are the same in different cultures. The number 7, for example, is almost universal in its lucky powers.
There are other examples that offer different results, however. The number 13 is considered to be unlucky in many parts of the world – to the point that it can sometimes be missed out as a house number on a street or on a sports team roster. But in Italy, the number is actually considered to be lucky because it has the letters M and D when written in Roman numerals, the initials for Mary and Jesus Christ.
Chinese Lucky Numbers
Lucky numbers are very common in Chinese culture and there is a whole host of numbers that fall in this category. Interestingly, the basis for the luck of a number seems to be the sound of the number in many cases here. For example, the number 8 is probably the luckiest number in China. This is because, when spoken in Cantonese, it sounds like the word for prosper or wealth.
Conversely, a more recent phenomenon in China is the idea that the number 4 is unlucky. The reasoning behind this is the same as with the number 8. When spoken, the number 4 sounds similar to the word for death. It is interesting that the sound of numbers has so much power in China and in other countries.
Math Lucky Numbers
Many scientists would probably tell you that there is no clear evidence for numbers to be lucky or not. If there is no scientific value in a number it would therefore just exist and not hold any power. But throughout mathematics, there are also examples of different formulas and certain types of numbers holding power.
Prime numbers are a great example of numbers that are so important to the subject. It would seem that a feeling of luck could be taken from numbers that are treated with such importance, even by people who would normally balk at the idea of something so unscientific holding any weight.
To take the math example a step further, there are many people who put their faith in the practice of numerology. This is where there is a belief in an almost mystical or divine relationship between certain numbers and historical events. Devotees will pore over the dates of events to extrapolate the numbers behind the occurrence, in order to make their own predictions for future events.
In this sense, it could be said that these numbers can then be determined as lucky or unlucky. Deconstructing dates and times to pick out individual numbers can be shown to be lucky if they correspond with positive events – and unlucky for disastrous events.

Numbers 1 to 6











Figure 2 The concept of lucky numbers can be used in many facets of life


Lucky Numbers as a Guide
We have already mentioned a number of ways that numbers that are perceived to be lucky influence and impact people’s lives. This type of reference may be linked in with superstitions but there is historical evidence for many of these beliefs that date back centuries.
Lucky numbers are very common in all kinds of gambling but are useful for people in all kinds of circumstances. In this way, if you believe, numbers can have a huge impact and significance to everyday duties. Does there have to be scientific proof behind all of the decisions we make?
Putting Your Faith in Numbers
It could be that people are happy to put their faith in numbers, as it helps explain the inexplicable. If we can explain events by looking at lucky numbers or using numerology, then we can make more sense of our world.
Perhaps the most important point about lucky numbers is that putting your faith in them is a personal decision in the end. It doesn’t matter – and it definitely should not bother anyone else – if you use lucky numbers. If they bring you comfort, and purpose, or act as a guide, who’s to say that they are not benefiting your life?



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